Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Harlequin Bypasses Carina

Harlequin is starting a new digital-first imprint, separate from Carina--and it will release erotic romance.


Tymber Dalton said...

This begs the question...why?

veinglory said...

That was kinda my thought; but maybe we are missing something?

Keziah Hill said...

There is also Escape Publishing

Seeley deBorn said...

I would guess it's because the new imprint will actually have the Harlequin name on it. They were fairly vigilant in establishing "Carina" as a brand separate from (if owned by) Harlequin. And now they've seen that Carina is viable, so they're willing to put their name on a "digital first" imprint (note the absence of the word epublishing). I suspect it's only a matter of time until Carina gets amalgamated.

And since Harlequin is apparently the gold standard in all things romance I would guess it's also only a matter of time before RWA members once again hold Harlequin up as the reason authors with smaller epubs should be treated equally.