Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mystic becomes Phoenix

Specifically, the former Mystic Press (which defaulted on paying author royalties) seems to have reappeared as Phoenix Fire Press.

On the page where they sell a bunch of services, products and probably a slightly used kitchen sink, we find the following:

"Heavy Editing(Includes capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, story flow, detailed comments with corrections and includes three rounds of all editing services. 50 cents to 1.00 per page depending on the length of the manuscript."

From their Facebook page:

"We are accepting submissions!! Phoenix Fire Publishing is a small press publishing company created by an author for authors. We accept all genre's and provide the best pr for our clients and authors. Please inbox me for any questions you may have."

Needless to say, this is probably one to avoid.

In response to the comments below.

  • My quotes were cut-and-paste from the website before it was changed.  Any suggestion to the contrary is disingenuous.
  • Ms. Jones states that she took an ownership interest ("co-ownership") in Mystic Press within a month of it opening.  As such, she took on the responsibilities of the company including payment of royalties.  If she did so without having any idea what state the company was in; that is her problem. Mystic should have been formally wound up, right reverted and payments made before she started a new press. Because if you will cut and run once, who says you won't do it again?
  • The truth is a rock solid defense against any claims of libel.

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Anonymous said...

Actually our additional services page does not state that about editing services. You might want to look again and quote it the correct way. And Yes we were created by an author for authors. Seeing that we pay higher royalties than must small press companies. And the reason Mystic Press shut down is 1. The Previous Owners Wendy Hunyor and Brandy Peay didnt bother to let me know what sort of tainted drama and baggage they left attached to it and 2. I was conned and scammed out of money by 5 authors. When Royalties come to be paid those that were published will receive their money. So please get your facts straight before you go and post. That can get you in a lot of trouble these days.

Unknown said...

you know this is total bullshit.. why not find something more constructive with your time than bashing Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire.. are you that desperate for attention that you will start rumors and wag your tounge at the closest person you can.. you should be doing more creative things but i guess it is easy for you to just throw words around to bash someone than it is for you to come up with a good story or poetry... shame on you just shame.. you are one pathetic person to do this.. let sleeping dogs lie.. if Tabetha fails it will be on her .. not you for doing all this bashing.. she has loyal clientel.. that would fight for her and what she believes in.. can you say that much???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, jeesh Emily, go write some poetry!

Anonymous said...

That was a joke, btw lol

Although if you have any dirty limericks, I'd love to hear them!

Lepplady said...

Sorry, Tabetha, too many people have communications directly from you, not any previous owners. You can blame anybody you want, create and post on as many blogs as you want, even show up under fake names (or post anonymously) on other people's blogs to try and make yourself look better. But none of it will change the facts. Site after site, people are seeing how you do business, and how you conduct yourself. About time, too.

veinglory said...

There once was a lady from Mystic
who rose like a phoenix with lipstick
She denied any role
in the money they stole
and hoped that the bloggers all missed it.

Anonymous said...

wow..you people are ridiculous.. you must NOT have anything better to do in your life, except sit at a computer and act like a teenager that was just dumped by her boyfriend, so therefore, you have to act like a retard and still harrass people.. Tabetha Jones had already spoken the truth...oh and since no one has talked to the ORIGINAL owners of Mystic before Tabetha took over,maybe that's because you all are too dumb to contact them and ask them questions.. GET OVER IT!!!! MOVE ON!!! CUT IT AS A LOSS, CRYBABIES!! that's what you all are, you continuously harrass someone, so therefore, YOU ALL ARE CRYBABIES!!!!!

veinglory said...

All the owners of a company are owners, with all of the responsibilities that entails.

Tabetha Simpson said...

Then why don't you contact the previous owners the ones that began all this. Really no one wants to hear the truth. But that's fine cause while you ruin my life you make yourself look good when underneath your no better than the ones that started this.

Lepplady said...

What about the lives and careers of the authors that have been victimized? Not only are they out the money they paid for services they never got, but it's also a blow to their dreams of becoming a published writer. I don't see any tears getting shed for them.
And let's not forget employees that are getting stiffed, too. There are a lot of victims that have suffered in all of this, but the one crying victim the loudest of all isn't one of them.

veinglory said...

Ms Jones, the truth is you became a co-owner, and so you became responsible for the publisher. Even if it was entirely the other two owners' fault, you are the one that got into bed with them. And thus you are co-responsible for making things right. Until that happens, this bad choice will follow you.

Anonymous said...

OWNERS are reliable for everything, not co-owner...get your facts straight..again STOP being crybabies... and Tabetha Jones is being victimized also.. those that are crying, should have second guessed about joining up instead of being in a damn hurry to get a book published. Georgina Merry's Ferryman's Wife book is more of a teenage book, that book is not really measnt for adults. oh and yes, I said her name, since SHE is the one that started all this harrassing, but remember something.. when YOU ALL continue to run your posts on Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire, you are just giving her alot of Publicity..whether you are bashing her or not.. you are helping her thrive in the publishing business...so continue what you are doing sweeties..you are just making it beautiful for Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire Publishing

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the previous poster has any idea what they actually said.

1. Co-owner
Definition - Noun
: one of two or more individuals or entities owning property together

This means as a co-owner Ms. Jones and her partner are equally responsible.

2. "those that are crying, should have second guessed about joining up instead of being in a damn hurry to get a book published" By your own words Tabetha Jones should not have been trusted.

3. "Georgina Merry's Ferryman's Wife book is more of a teenage book, that book is not really measnt for adults." What does this have to do with anything? If Mystic didn't intend to publish YA books and felt this book was YA, then Georgina should have never received an offer from them.

I wonder are you trying to help her or prove that she is responsible for debts owed by Mystic and should not have been trusted in the first place?

Anonymous said...

It would also be nice if these supposed "Original owners" could be found. I've only found one Wendy Hunyor and she claims to have no idea who Tabetha Jones is, more or less anything about previously owning a company. And there are so many Brandy Peay's out there that you can't find the one who supposedly owned Mystic Press. Methinks they are just more "alter egos" of said Ms. Jones, and they don't exist. Just another way for her to try and con unsuspecting people out of their work and their money. I have done some looking of my own. Anyone that had previously published through Mystic Press on Smashwords, now says they are published through Phoenix Fire Publishing. And some of those authors have NO CLUE as to why, being they didn't sign up with Phoenix Fire, and want nothing to do with that company. And Ms. Jones apparently has NOT returned anything to authors who sent in manuscripts (I'm not speaking money or services rendered, just manuscripts to be looked at) and are now worried that Ms. Jones will use their work without their consent. Just because something was signed with Mystic Press, does NOT give you rights to keep their stuff and publish it with your new "company". All bank statements that once said "Mystic Press" also now say "Phoenix Fire Publishing" and that tells me that they didn't "CLOSE DOWN" they just changed the name to try and avoid responsibility. You should open a new Paypal account or something, but changing everything that used to be Mystic Press to Phoenix Fire without telling anyone...that can get you into a heap of trouble. Personally, I will stand back, and watch as this so called Phoenix, turns into ice and gets shut down and Ms. Jones gets what she deserves.

Unknown said...

Just a quick message to warn people of a new 'fun' thing that 'certain people' are doing to those who refuse to remain silent about being screwed over by TJ and Mystic;(I recieved this warning on FB)
'I just wanted to let you know that I had an incident with Tabetha Jones. She and 2 other people who are associated with phoenix fire pulled me into a group chat and tried to get me to open a link, it was a virus so I was smart enough not to open it. But when they realized I wasnt going to open it then suddenly said they were hacked and it was the hack trying to get me to open it lol. BUT thats kind of strange as I was the only person in that group NOT under her. Anyway you may want to warn people about opening links coming from them as they seem to be doing this now to try to get back at people who aren't falling for her sob stories.'

The height of professionalism. Another point, I don't understand what I was paying for when I paid Mystic, as Createspace is FREE! WTH! Also, a 'certain someone' isn't paying her cover artist for her work, and is saying that the covers haven't been paid for - which they had, I have evidence - so the cover artist has been conned out of a tonne of money! Classy job Mystic/Phoenix. This is what you do to people who remain loyal to you!

Emily Suess said...

What really irks me about Phoenix Fire's owner, Tabetha Jones, is that her lies aren't just lies--they're damned insulting lies. For instance, because she's clueless about how the internet works, she seems to assume that the rest of the world is too.

Look at Google's web cache of the page in question, and you'll see that this post's author copied VERBATIM what was once listed on the Phoenix Fire site.


Lepplady said...

On the subject of owner responsibility, this is from the contract that Mystic Press signed with their authors:

"Any withheld royalties shall be made immediately upon contract termination."

Statements from Tabetha:
"Royalties are not being withheld from anyone that was previously signed with Mystic. Since the closing of all Mystic accounts it will take those that were due Oct. royalties longer to receive them. Royalties are paid quarterly and when they are disbursed and if that author is to receive payment they will get their money."

What part of that is immediate?
All those contracts were terminated when the company closed, yet authors (and staff) go unpaid.

Anonymous said...

As a post earlier pointed out, everything that was once in Mystic Press's name, now says Phoenix Fire, thus one can make the assumption that nothing was "closed". All they did was change the name on the account. So they are trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. They have no intention of paying anyone, and they have every intention of using previous author's works without their permission. I, for one, would like to see all the previous authors get together in a law suit vs Mystic Press/Phoenix Fire/Tabetha Jones/Eric Henley and get everything they deserve and more. As well as see to it that Tabetha Jones, and any of her alter egos/multiple personalities are never again allowed to own or co-own any business where they can scam and con innocent people ever again.

Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out is why any author would give their work to someone as uneducated and borderline illiterate as this Tabetha woman. She couldn't spell her way out of a wet paper bag. The errors on her company's website are shameful and atrocious. Any author worth their salt would see that and run the other way.

Who are these people handing over literary works to someone who seems to have about a 5th grade grasp of the english language?

Lepplady said...

Has anybody noticed that Mystic Press titles are back up on Amazon.com? Complete with Mystic Press listed as their publisher. I thought Mystic Press shut down..?

Unknown said...

Can I just point out that Wendy and Brandy DO exist! This I know for a fact. Wendy is a compulsive liar and has known Tabetha for many years. I DO have evidence of this as both Tabetha and Wendy were first published by MY publisher. They were good friends, or so Tabetha thought. I know Wendy to be a liar and cheat since she tried to scam me with my graphics business.

These are not false names. Wendy and Brandy DO exist. So does Wendy's husband Robert. All need to have Karma pay them a visit for the shit they caused.

Anonymous said...

Its not just Wendy and Brandy, Tabetha does, too. She was stupid enough to believe the lies without doing research, and then was stupid enough to lie to others, steal from them, not only money, but their WORK. Karma is gonna run them all over.

Anonymous said...

I have done research and instead of gossiping back and forth you would see the truth too. I stay up to date as I was a former mystic author when Wendy owned it. Tabetha was taken and once those rights were signed over she smiled and laughed because she thought she had won. I have kept my eye on all these people done interviews and I get the same thing. They were just going along for the ride. As for you lily crussell createspace is not free if you want your precious writing on book shelves. As for Jt I have watched from a distance and this is a civil matter. The attorney generals office won't touch it. All legal matters must be held and conducted in the state the company was opened in. I am still researching but all evidence of fraud is not there. Tabetha Jones may have got hot headed but I'm sure if we were in her shoes we would have done the same thing. If its so easy for me to research this I don't understand why all of you are having a hard time. Maybe because once you do you will see you were wrong and Ms. Jones was right.

Anonymous said...

And btw Wendy Hunyor is also Wendy Hayes morrigan Michelle and laine banks. If I can find them then anyone else can too.

Lepplady said...

I see that nobody's answered the question about why Mystic Press still has titles on Amazon.

I have no doubt that those people exist. That's not the point. The point is that the law doesn't differentiate between individuals who own a business. Tabetha got in bed with them by her own choice. She's as responsible as they are for whatever's going on in that business. Trying to blame them just isn't going to work. Too many of us have dealt with Tabetha after she took over.
Sorry, anonymous. As much as I'm sure she wishes otherwise, the AG does take criminal activity very seriously, and what's still going on definitely falls in that category. They're not finished hearing about how Mystic/Phoenix do business. Neither are a few other law enforcement agencies.
Wishing, hoping, and posting on blogs under more personalities than Sybil won't change that.

Anonymous said...

It's also funny how Tabetha and not one of her supporters will address the issue of money owed. I think this is the biggest issue, and from what I have noticed Tabetha and those supporting her want to do nothing more than tell how Tabetha has been wronged by people. Never once do any of these people explain why there is no money going to those owed money.

Lepplady said...

Doesn't the Mystic Press contract say that all royalties will be paid immediately upon termination of the contract?
And weren't all those contracts terminated when the the company shut down?
If Mystic Press shut down, why do they still have titles on Amazon.com.
Are they still collecting royalties for those titles under a company that no longer exists?
These are some answers I'd love to see.

Anonymous said...

Again I have researched all this and since her tax payer id was attached to one company it does take 6-8 weeks for that to be switched to Phoenix Fire. And I have talked with authors and the ones that are up for sale are the ones that have signed a new contract with Phoenix. As for money being owed every contract I have seen in the publishing world states they will be paid quarterly. If I am correct Ms. Larson your daughter never reached publication. I have spoke with those beta readers and editors and they all agreed it sound as if a twelve year old boy wrote. After further discussion I was informed your daughter could not make the changes needed by deadline therefore she was in breach of contract. Maybe the reason why Ms. Jones has not answered questions regarding money well frankly if you weren't an author signed its really none of your business nor mine. And Tabetha was not a co owner when Ms Hunyor owned it. She signed the rights over to Tabetha. When I contacted her and Ms. Peay for an interview they declined. When asked why their website for mystic was still up they said it wasn't their problem. When asked about new companies and new names they laughed and said they could do what they wanted. I have not heard Ms Jones speak this way. I am an avid reader blogger and stories like this catch my eye. But if I am able to do the research and see that Tabetha is telling the truth its not hard for others.

Anonymous said...

....I have spoke with those beta readers and editors and they all agreed it sound as if a twelve year old boy wrote....

This sentence is wrong on so many levels. Bad grammar? Check. Nasty? Check. Nasty to divert attention from the real issues? Check.

The entire block of letters by Sybil divulges information NOT available by "research". Tax-payer ID? Please. Talking to beta readers and editors about someone's manuscript and why it sucks? You have got to be kidding.

Worst of all is having the nerve to tell folks that publishers cheating authors is not their business. Please.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when your fiance has to take over answering accusations on blogs because he at least sounds half reasonable. It is unfortunate however that he does not answer any of the outstanding questions either. Why if the contracts stated royalties would be paid immediately on termination has no one received them, and why was staff not paid. Dancing around the problem does not make it go away, no matter how reasonable you might sound.

Unknown said...

Can I just say, Tabetha is being accused of using an alias, or several. The only alias she uses is Zoey Sweete, her author pen name. Funny how she gets accused and yet Lily Crussell appears all over as Gorgiana MacManus?? Who's lying?

People are asking why her friends and authors aren't commenting on the money side of the business. Isn't the answer to that simple? They are authors and friends. They weren't involved in the money side and therefore are unable to comment correctly. It's not a case of ignoring it, its a case of they cannot answer that which they do not know.

I know being a multi published author myself, royalties are paid quarterly by most (not all) publishing houses. Money can only be paid to the author when companies such as Amazon, B&N etc send the payments to the publisher. How else do they know how much to pay? To say royalties will be paid immediately is a bit silly really since its almost impossible for that to happen to the best of my knowledge. It all depends when that quarter ends.

Also I agree with Anonymous, money is not something to be publicly spoken about. I certainly would not like my royalty payment discussed for the world to see. I would take my publisher to the cleaner if they did that, (not that they ever would.) I would be furious. Do you not read properly? She says to discuss it further to email her. Unless of course you would prefer her to air it here. Let me know and I'll tell her to write down how much your royalties are for everyone to see.

Lastly, the books on Amazon are those remaining with Phoenix. I know this disgusts some people but its NOT YOUR decision. The name will be changed according and within legal requirements to Phoenix when possible.

Lepplady said...

Okay. If all those authors up on Amazon.com have signed new contracts with Phoenix Fire, why isn't that listed as the publisher? Those books still say Mystic Press.
I notice that Tabetha has a habbit of 1) discussing her authors's business details with others (unless it's Tabetha herself saying so "anonymously") and 2) blaming authors for everything. Either way, it's not very professional.
I guess my daughter's book didn't suck enough to prevent Tabetha from offering her a contract, saying "I love your book!" and taking her money, did it?
Neither Ms Hunyor nor Ms. Peay owe any explanations for Mystic Press/Phoenix Fire's activities. They're not involved any more. The current owners owe LOTS of explanations, but all we're seeing are unsubstantiated rants and ridiculous posts on blogs from "anonymous" and alternyms blaming everybody else and trying to divert the blame to the victims.
Even if a sentence does use semi-proper English, it's not reasonable if it doesn't address the issues, and it's not professional.

Lepplady said...

If a business is closed, it's closed. Gone, along with all accounts associated with it. If it's a new business, new contracts, new products and new accounts have to be created. These things don't just "carry over." Not in legitimate business, anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, the books on Amazon are those remaining with Phoenix. I know this disgusts some people but its NOT YOUR decision. The name will be changed according and within legal requirements to Phoenix when possible."

If this is true, why has there been no problem getting the Zoey Sweete books listed under Phoenix?

Unknown said...

I believe the reasons why it hasn't been changed has already been addressed. I addressed it myself in my post and someone else did further up the page. It takes between 6-8 weeks. I haven't looked into this personally but it seems someone else on here has.

Companies such as Amazon will only pay when they are ready too. And again that is quarterly. I can only tell what I know. To be completely accurate, they pay royalties within 60 days of the quarter owed unless the royalties are less than a certain amount. If memory serves me, with Amazon that's $10 or £10 depending on where in the world you are. Other companies I believe can vary between $10 - $30, I could be wrong there, without looking in to each and ever seller, which I have no intentions of doing, I couldn't tell you which company does what amount.

She also isn't blaming authors for everything. I think that a little out of line. Yes she's upset and has every right to be when she's getting nothing but public abuse, these authors don't think twice about using this for free publicity and going on and on and on. Yet it seems she is expected to be silent. I'm sure if she was they could then say how she is ignoring everything. She won't comment, but when she does, this happens. Do you see what I mean here? She's stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. People are out to get her and no matter what she says they pull her about it or other stuff. I can't believe some authors would use this as a means of publicity. And I do know for a fact some are doing that.
I'm unsure as to what she has "Blamed" them for. Perhaps you could tell me. It seems all blame is being pointed at Tabetha, when she has explained every multiple times.
People constantly say she is using false names. She ISN'T. I know the people who are commenting here and being accused of being fake. They aren't happy and please do contact them you will find them on Facebook. It does however make me laugh when you see Lily Crussell using the FAKE name of Gorgiana MacManus. Who is the lair there? They are accusing her of doing that which THEY themselves are doing.
At the end of the day, this could go on forever and nothing will be solved. It's getting boring and people are sick of seeing it all. Mystic closing has caused a hurricane of piss for a lot of people. But sadly it had to happen. It needs to end. Life is too short for this crap. People need to spend time living rather than haunting blogs. I've seen these posted on facebook that's how I found them, comments are such as... "when is this gonna stop?" "I'm sick of seeing this crap.. get over it and move on." "Here we go again, bored now."
And before anyone says it, no, that ISN'T from Tab. It's from other authors who had nothing to do with Mystic and readers/bloggers.

Unknown said...

In response to... "Lastly, the books on Amazon are those remaining with Phoenix. I know this disgusts some people but its NOT YOUR decision. The name will be changed according and within legal requirements to Phoenix when possible."

If this is true, why has there been no problem getting the Zoey Sweete books listed under Phoenix?

Why are you asking me?? Am I publisher?? NO, I'm an author. As stated previous, I believe someone else answered this.

Anonymous said...

You seem to worry a lot about things that do not concern you. I assure I am not a fiance or anything of that sort. I am a previous author that was with mystic when Ms. Hunyor owned it. Tabetha was always kind and went beyond what Ms. Hunyor was willing to do. Tabetha Jones is obviously doing everything she can but as an author and previous co worker with Ms Jones through a different company I will state this. It is no ones business regarding business accounts or money. That is between her and each of her authors. Which would make it none of your business nor mine. So I suggest you build a bridge and get over it.

Anonymous said...


You wrote ...Do you not read properly? She says to discuss it further to email her. Unless of course you would prefer her to air it here...

Do you not understand professionalism?

If the contract(s)--which nobody seems to be offering as evidence--requires payment on termination, then a professional publisher must address this. At the outset. Demanding that the authors email her (for private excuses, no doubt), as if the exploited writers are not worthy of courtesy or honesty, is both offensive and shoddy.

The publisher could have easily made very public amends without outing anyone's royalties. She evidently has the time. But rather than fix things, this publisher is whining, making excuses, and sending in her "multi-published" posse to blackmail those authors with questions.

Utterly shameful.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, do not insult me. I am entitled to my say as much as you are. The world doesn't revolve around you and your opinions.

I am a profession in my line of work, not when replying to a hungry pack of wolves.

I said I was multi published because I am and I was sharing what I have learned. I thought it may shed some light on some areas. But it seems because I haven't agreed with you, you deem it necessary to return to your childhood and accuse me of things.

I'd love to see where I blackmailed someone, that's funny. I can't see that anywhere at all. But thanks for the laugh. I would get annoyed by it, but I find it too amusing.

Unknown said...

Also you say do I not understand professionalism. After reading these post, I pose you the same question.

Jenna Lockie said...

Awww, this is awful. Lindsay Anne Kendal, while you may not get annoyed and laugh it off I will get annoyed for you.

Annoymous, you nasty evil cretin. All this girl did was give some info on questions you keep saying aren't being answered to try and help out and you brand her as "Multi Published Posse". You evil witch, she's tried to help you and you slag her off like that. What a bottom feeder you are. I run a book blog, I'd love to know who you are so I can avoid reading anything by you. Instead I will research all of mystic previous authors and make my own posts around the social sites telling people to avoid you. What a horrible horrible person you are to those trying to give some information.

Unknown said...

Georgiana MacManus is a pen name for a seperate project. And I think you mean 'Liar' not 'lair'. How am I a liar? At what point did I deny being Lily? I gneuinely didn;t realise I was signed in on that account when it started, but figured I'd stick with it. Why does it matter who is posting from our side of the argument? We were conned, ripped off and messed about. Anna Lovelace, Skylynn Wicker and Rai something are all TJ, so obvious. Also, one of the cover reveals on the Phoenix page spells ROMANCE wrong. Not good advertising!

Unknown said...

Look, let's all take a step back. The only people to be angry at are Mystic/Phoenix because they ripped us off. If anyone is naieve enough to affiliate themselves with them...well, the'll see the truth in the end and will more than likely be burned by it. We tried to warn them.

Anonymous said...


Re: professionalism. I am not defending a business accused of cheating its authors. You are. The duty to understand the nature of the entity you are defending is yours, not mine.

Re: blackmail. To quote you.. She says to discuss it further to email her. Unless of course you would prefer her to air it here. Let me know and I'll tell her to write down how much your royalties are for everyone to see...

To repeat. Utterly shameful. Don't mistake nastiness with being clever.

Re: pack of wolves. Didn't you have a look around before you posted? Evidently you don't read well. What did you expect? It's your own ignorance, and likely, your hubris, that got you in this fix. No need to act indignant as if you were innocent and blindsided.

You might endeavor to replace your funny bone and snottiness with logic and integrity, dearie. If, of course, you want to actually help your publishing buddy.

Unknown said...

blackmail, Quote me all you want. I said "Unless of course you would prefer her to air it here. Let me know and I'll tell her..." LET ME KNOW. Again, LET ME KNOW. I did NOT say I would do it regardless. Stop clutching at straws and twisting my words.

YES I am defending Tab, as you are defending yourself and authors. I speak as I find and never once has she lied to me about anything. She is a damn good friend.

Again, the names you say are false. They aren't!!! Look them up, speak to them. One is a model or model photographer. Just do some bloody research. It's not hard.

"Don't mistake nastiness with being clever" Who is clever? It certainly isn't you. You come on a blog to bash a company, that is desperate and sad. You bash others who you don't even know, and that is clever?? Pathetic more like.

No need to act indignant as if you were innocent and blindsided??? What does this mean? What am I being accused of here. I am a graphic artist to Phoenix and freelance and I am Tabs friend. What else am I supposed to have done.

And snottiness??? Yet you call me dearie. There is only one person who calls me that. I know who you are!

Lepplady said...

Lindsay, hon, I'm not saying you're unprofessional. I'm saying they are.

If Mystic Press is closed, it's closed. Contracts are null and the authors need to be paid their royalties immediately, as stated in the contract. These authors aren't contracted with Amazon.com. They're contracted with Mystic Press and its owners.

If the name is just being "changed over" then Mystic Press hasn't closed down at all. It can't legally be both. Which is it? Mystic press has not only the moral right, but also the legal obligation to know.

My daughter is being blamed for breaching the contract when that is absolutely not true, and her talent as an author is being defamed with these "12 year old" cracks.

Anonymous said "Tabetha Jones is obviously doing everything she can..." Everything except pay the people she owes and provide legal information about her company to the people with whom she signed a contract and made business agreements to work with her.

Tabetha isn't some poor, innocent little victim. She's a business owner that signed contracts and made business arrangements with people. People aren't to "get" Tabetha. They're people that signed contracts and made business deals with her. People that trusted her. They want answers about their money. That's not a witch hunt, it's business. People are owed money - From Mystic Press, not Amazon. It's not Amazon's obligation to pay, it's Tabetha's as owner of that business. If she would stop deflecting blame and answer people's questions directly (and honestly) they might be satisfied.

Who's the liar here? Maybe it's the business owner that signed authors to contracts that state that all royalties will be paid immediately upon termination of contract. Just saying.

Did Mystic close? Or are the names just being changed on the accounts? The people who signed contracts have a legal right to know.

When will it end? When Tabetha Jones and her company fulfill the obligations they made to their authors and business associates. If they want it to go away, they need to pay people what they're owed and stop tap dancing around why that's not happening. It's really as simple as that.

Unknown said...

Don't mistake nastiness with being clever.

I'm sorry, I'm not being nasty to anyone. I've put info on here to try and help people understand and yet you, you snarky bitch rip my messages apart and are accusing me of something now. Screw you. I'm sick of this shit. I will never try and help people and give info out ever again. Do your own damn research and I hope karma get you for attacking me when its not called for.

I'm lowering myself by posting what I really feel right now. But I don't care. You know nothing of me. I am blunt, honest, open and even others who have posted on here ON YOUR SIDE who know me will tell you this. So get off my back.

Lepplady said...

I personally have no problem with Lindsay. I just think she's defending someone who doesn't deserve it. That's all.

Unknown said...

Lepp its not you I'm upset with hun. We've always spoken openly. It's this anonymous person that has actually really upset me. I was only trying to help with the way royalties were paid. Yeah I passed comments, they are my opinions, but it seems I'm not allowed them. The sheer rudeness of this person has shocked me. But it's public and people can make their own minds up. I think I know who she is, so.... I thought she was a friend too, but obviously not. (baring in mind I could be wrong)

I know they are contracted through Mystic hun but Amazon still pay the way they pay regardless. How can Mystic pay until they do? I genuinely don't understand how that is possible.

To my knowledge Mystic is being transferred to Phoenix, my understanding is that Mystic was ended. Final. And Phoenix was completely fresh.

As I have said before, I've spoken with your daughter and found her to be a very nice girl. I enjoyed talking to her and you know I wish her all the best. I don't care who it is, whether I know them or not, I do not agree with anyone being defamed or called in any way under the sun. It can harm a persons self confidence I don't condone it.

Again, you said "People are owed money - From Mystic Press, not Amazon. It's not Amazon's obligation to pay, it's Tabetha's as owner of that business. If she would stop deflecting blame and answer people's questions directly (and honestly) they might be satisfied."

She can't possibly know what they are owed until Amazon and the other companies let her know. How could anyone know? I understand its frustrating, but they can't be paid immediately when they are waiting for the funds. No they aren't in contract with Amazon, but Amazon sell the books and hold the money until the royalty payment is due. That's all I'm saying.

You said "Who's the liar here? Maybe it's the business owner that signed authors to contracts that state that all royalties will be paid immediately upon termination of contract. Just saying."
Like I said before, it was silly to put this as it does take a little time.

I think I've touched on most of what you said hun. I don't know deep business details nor do I want to. It's not mine. I like being ignorant to that.

Lepplady said...

It's Mystic's responsibility to pay according to their contract no matter when Amazon does. The contract says "immediately upon termination of the contract" not "Whenever Amazon gets around to it." They might reword their contracts accordingly in the future, but that doesn't change their responsibility to those authors already under contract now.

If Mystic is over, accounts can't be carried over. It can't go both ways. It just doesn't work that way, legally.

I understand that you don't deal with the business end of it. You're not responsible. :-)
I'm saying that they ARE responsible according to their own contracts and they need to take care of it. The longer that takes, the worse it looks for them as business people.

veinglory said...

Can someone tell me which books are still on Amazon under the Mystic name?

Unknown said...

I understand that, and the wording on the contract has caused the issues, because they genuinely won't know how much to pay until the companies do.

It's getting ridiculous this, everyone is at logger heads with their own thoughts, opinions and in some people's cases, obviously facts. Some things I can't comment on, since I just don't know the answers and something's I say what I've learned in my own career to try and help people, but anonymous seemed to deem it necessary to slag me off for that and twist my words. So you know what hun, I'm saying nothing now. I won't be accused of anything since I haven't done anything. My my conscious is clear, I'm not that kind of person.

You have never done that and I thank you for it.

I'm not here to be insulted by someone who doesn't even have the balls to use their name. But.. the calling me "Dearie" gave them away. See those who think they are being clever always drop bollocks in the end. I'm going to make sure I'm 100% it is the person I believe it to be, then, even though up to now I have never ever mentioned this persons name. I have never accused them of anything, I have never had a bad word to say about them. I have respected them completely and even classed them as a friend. I have promoted their books and encouraged them in every way I can think of.... that will change.

Lepplady said...

Emily, here are a few:
The Devil's Pet Kitten: http://www.amazon.com/The-Devils-Kitten-Beth-Wright/dp/0615723608/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355952329&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Devil%27s+pet+kitten

Graveyard Kisses: http://www.amazon.com/Graveyard-Kisses-Poetry-Misty-Burke/dp/0615717268/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355952399&sr=1-3&keywords=Graveyard+Kisses

To name a couple.

Lepplady said...

One more: Blood Vengeance: http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Vengeance-Draven-Witch-Book/dp/0615707742/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355953074&sr=1-3&keywords=Georgina+Merry

Lepplady said...

Blood Destiny: http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Destiny-Draven-Dynasty-Novelette/dp/0615707335/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355953274&sr=1-2&keywords=Amanda+Wimer

A bunch of others have hastily been listed as "out of print" since yesterday, as these likely will be, too.

Unknown said...

Lepp hun, these are all being re-released with Phoenix. Blood Vengeance and Blood Destiny and Tabs books. That's why sometimes her pen name of Zoey Sweete comes up.

Lepplady said...

I understand that. But at the moment, they're listed with Mystic Press as the publisher, a company that they claim no longer exists. They can't do that. And since they're yanking titles, I think they realize that.

Unknown said...

Fair enough, I have no idea how it all works. I just read the post above about it taking 6-8 weeks. I'll tell you want, I'm glad I'm a writer and not a publisher. So many legalities. I couldn't be bothered with it all to be completely honest.

Anonymous said...

...So many legalities. I couldn't be bothered with it all to be completely honest...

Which is exactly why you should never have attempted to "help" authors by sharing your limited understanding of the issues being discussed here.

Quite the show you've put on, indulging in temper tantrums, hurling insults, all the while playing the under-appreciated victim.

Lepplady said...

I can completely understand Lindsay wanting to defend a friend and associate. She's not the one that's wrong in all of this.
Let's keep on focus. It's Mystic Press/Phoenix Fire's owners that aren't answering the hard questions. Their friends aren't responsible for authors not being paid what they're owed and/or that Mystic Press titles are still appearing on Amazon.com - unless they've all been hastily yanked by now because there IS no legal explanation for that.
I understand the frustration. I share it. But let's keep the focus on those that are responsible. Right?

Unknown said...

Who's playing a victim? I'm not a victim of anything at all. Come on, fess up. Tell me your name, since you seem to know so much about me. Tell me who you are Anonymous.

I only comment if I know something about the subject. Like how the royalties work. Look it up.

As for putting on a show, I simply commented, You then pulled me on everything I said and twisted it to suit yourself. The posts are here for everyone to see. I take it your referring to my rant on FB, you coward. Tell me who you are. Don't have to do it here, tell me on FB.

And thank you Lepp, at least someone here can see that.

Anonymous, don't be a coward, contact me and confess. Also, you still fail to mention what I'm guilty of?? You said it in a previous message. Are you still making it up?

Unknown said...

And by the way, read back again!! Do you not see it?? You threw the first punch. I will defend myself when I have too. You wanted a rise out of me, I simply cannot believe I gave it to you. Well, more fool me on that one. But shit happens.

Jenna Lockie said...

Wow, who is this Anonymous. Just name and shame them. What a dick. Everyone can see you attacked Lindsay and now you're making it out to be her fault. Wake up! You mocked her, you insulted her, threw false accusations, pushed her buttons to make her out to be something she quite obviously isn't. I agree, stop being a fucking cowardly mard arse wimp and put your name on here so the whole world can see what a prick you are.

Louise Loves Fantasy said...

Jesus, that took some reading. My eyes are going blurry, so please excuse any typos.

I can see everyones side in this. I guess everyone has had different experiences with these people and all of you are entitled to speak your mind. There are a few going under Anonymous on here. Why??

The one who at the end is being really obnoxious, you need to grow up. How old are you? 12? 13? younger? You sound like an ass. You are abusing another author here. She's tried to help by sharing knowledge of the things she DOES know about, not the things she DOESN'T and you try and belittle her. Wow, are you stupid?

Lepp, I'm sorry to hear about what has happened with your daughter and I hope she goes on to be a success. You are a mother doing what any mother should and would do, defending her daughter.

Gorgiana/Lily, whatever your damn name is, maybe you should make it clearer on your posts since people are accusing the owner of this company of using false names?? there's an idea?

ANON - you said
Which is exactly why you should never have attempted to "help" authors by sharing your limited understanding of the issues being discussed here.

Piss off, she commented on how amazon and other companies did their payments. I've looked into this and its true. Maybe you should, so what limited understanding does she have. You're definitely a coward, why not come forward and tell her who you are. Scared?? Scared people will avoid reading your books? After all, who would want to give their money to a nasty piece of work like you. I sure wouldnt.

YOu also said..
Re: professionalism. I am not defending a business accused of cheating its authors. You are. The duty to understand the nature of the entity you are defending is yours, not mine.

She is looking after a friend who everyone is slating. Wouldn't you? She hasn't defended the company once on here. Only mentioned that until companies tell the publisher how many sales there have been, the publisher cannot possibly know how much to pay. What's wrong with that? That's fact, not just made up. You've been itching for a fight with Lindsay all along.

LINDSAY - YOU are better than this, and like Lepplady said, you have done NOTHING WRONG. Leave this mindless moron to her thoughts and don't bother with her. You're worth more than that.

Lepplady said...

My two cents. I think there's more than one anonymous posting. One who's defending the authors and at least one that's defending the company. Let's not blame one person for all the anonymous posts :-)

Tabetha Simpson said...

It is none of anyone's business or their concern about royalties it money that will be disbursed as it comes in to the authors it goes to. That is between the authors and I. Also if you look at all the ebooks they are listed under Phoenix Fire the paperbacks take a bit longer to transfer from one account to the author. All Mystic accounts have been closed but its really none if anyone's business. Lindsay was trying to explain things and she gets attacked there is no logic in that. I would like to know who the anonymous is that has done the research because they are right on cue with everything. Finally someone takes the time to get to the truth. But JT the money or business associated with what was once mystic press is none of your business. You were not part if the company and I will nit give out financial records to every tom dick and harry to please you. That is private information and it will stay that way.

Tabetha Simpson said...

It is none of anyone's business or their concern about royalties it money that will be disbursed as it comes in to the authors it goes to. That is between the authors and I. Also if you look at all the ebooks they are listed under Phoenix Fire the paperbacks take a bit longer to transfer from one account to the author. All Mystic accounts have been closed but its really none if anyone's business. Lindsay was trying to explain things and she gets attacked there is no logic in that. I would like to know who the anonymous is that has done the research because they are right on cue with everything. Finally someone takes the time to get to the truth. But JT the money or business associated with what was once mystic press is none of your business. You were not part if the company and I will nit give out financial records to every tom dick and harry to please you. That is private information and it will stay that way.

Tabetha Simpson said...

Oh and I apologize for the typos smartphones have a tendency to auto correct.

Lepplady said...

We're not talking about private transactions. We're talking about a (supposedly) professional business. It's EVERYBODY'S business that you're refusing to pay your authors the money they're due "Immediately upon termination of the contract." YOUR contract. It doesn't say they'll get paid when Amazon pays, or whenever you feel like it. It says immediately. You can change the wording in the future, but that doesn't nullify your obligations to the authors you owe now. Every day you don't pay them is a crime, and every single person that's not getting paid can file a claim with the Texas AG online. Here:


They just need to be sure and include detailed information, including contract dates and any conversations that discuss why the author isn't getting paid. That site doesn't accept picture files, but they can copy and paste screen caps of their conversations into a word document and sent that. That's what my daughter did when she reported them to the AG, less than a month before Mystic Press closed down. Supposedly.
For anybody that's been told that the AG will laugh at such a claim, go ahead and fill one out. Let's see how seriously the AG takes it. It's free to find out, anyway.

A publisher can't just transfer titles. When a publishing company closes, all the accounts associated with it close and all contracts are null and void. Nothing "carries over" from one business to the next. A new publisher starts with new accounts, new contracts, new products, new ISBN numbers, everything. A new legitimate publisher, anyway. If the old company is gone, it's GONE. Nothing carries over.

I don't know if your createspace authors are aware of this, but Amazon pays their royalties each month for the previous month if they earn the $10 minimum. Not quarterly, and not 45 days after that. A suspicious person might think you're keeping your authors's money in your account as long as possible so it can earn interest that you keep. That's well and good if you can get authors to sign a contract that lets you. But when the contract says you owe money IMMEDIATELY, it's not okay on any level.

Also, for authors that are being told that they can't get paid until information on royalties or book sales comes in from Amazon, they should know that anybody with a title on Amazon, be it the author or a "publisher," whoever created the account has immediate access to book sales and royalty information. Nobody has to wait for any information. Whoever created the account (in this case, the "publisher") knows exactly how many books have sold, and therefore how much they owe their authors in royalties. They knew it when the company closed down. If it actually closed down and isn't just being switched over to another name. Whatever the case, they know exactly how many books have sold, so they know exactly what they owe.

Here's a snapshot of my dashboard on Amazon, the account I created for my next book, Sudan.


Royalty information is displayed right there, plain as day, instantly. And there's a link to view detailed book sales information. Any delay is an excuse, and it's a lie.

You won't give out financial information to me? Great. Won't give it out to every Tom Dick and Harry? Swell. But how about giving it out to the authors that are supposed to be getting paid? Don't you think they have a right, a legal obligation to see it?

Yes, hon, it's everybody's business. Especially any authors that are getting ripped off, and any new authors considering signing up to get ripped off.

You want people to quit complaining? PAY THEM!

Tabetha Simpson said...

I don't really think its any of your business and authors that have requested their sales sheets have received them. But I am not a seer of the future. If a title is returned it goes back on sale until it says out of stock. And through my identifiers.com I can transfer over isbns from one company imprint to another. So don't tell me how things are done. I have no reason to keep anyone's money. If its not mine I don't want it but no one elected you the president of the royalty committee. I suggest you back off because its really none of your business. The authors have my email address and if and when they inquire about their royalties ill be happy to let them know. If and when they receive money it will be paid. Now anything other than you or anyone else has a right to know about either companies financial status. It is no ones business other than the author that has a signed contract. You were never signed with either company so I really don't understand why your still stalking blogs. I am sorry things did not work out for your daughter but she was given a timeframe and did not meet it. I had two different artists work with her and one she rarely even returned messages too. They worked on several concepts for as the editors did what they could to.improve her book and finally agreed it needed a complete rewrite. I was willing to work one on one with Thea. But she insisted on using her beta and I explained that it needed to be a company approved beta. Every offer I put out she either flaked on it or didn't meet the deadline. Therefore I had every right to drop her for breach. And maybe you need to start concentrating more on this book of yours than worrying about my business dealings because once again and for the final time it is nit any of your damn business. Period.

Lepplady said...

My identifiers.com? When an author, or a (real) publisher can get an isbn for free INSTANTLY through createspace? Sounds fishy to me. Are you charging your authors for that, too?

Why, I wonder, wouldn't a new (real) publishing company simply create a new account for a book, get the isbn for free, instantly, and publish that new book, instantly, for free, instead of making people wait (and pay?) for all this rubbish to get "transfered" over. Unless there's some shady financial reason for a delay. Food for thought.

Maybe if authors got a straight answer from you in the first place, it wouldn't be an issue now. Maybe if they weren't blocked on FB for asking questions about their business affairs with you, it wouldn't have reached this point.

I love how you keep trying to blame Thea for the fact that you took her money and refused to publish her book. She met every deadline. If her book was such crap, you shouldn't have signed her. But you did. YOU signed her (I love your book!) took her money, and refused to publish her, trying to blame her for YOUR breech. I don't know who you still think will believe it when you blame the author for your lack of professionalism, but you can keep repeating it as many times as want. Doesn't make it true. Never will. She's just one author among many that chose a completely unprofessional publisher to deal with. And, from the sound of it, those editors and artists you speak of are learning the same thing because some of them aren't getting paid either.

You want me to go away? Pay my kid back. In full. You want other authors and associates to stop complaining? Pay them, too.

Don't worry, hon. My next book will carry on just fine. So will my daughter's, no thanks to a "publisher" like you.

Tabetha Simpson said...

I never denied you couldn't get an ISBN thru createspace for free but they own it and not the company. You can publish for free but without the expanded distribution your book will not be available I repeat NOT available to go into the baker and Taylor or ingrams catalog so major retailers can stock those books on their shelves. Myindentifiers.com create a company imprint and provide the ISBN the authors pay 10 dollars for. It means that with that imprint it shows you are with a publisher not self and it is called a business account. My identifiers is for publishing companies. You come on here and want to act as you know anything yet if you did you would know about bowker and my identifiers that provide one of kind ISBN for organizations and companies. For someone who spits out this that and the other you have no clue how the publishing world works. You don't want a cover that grabs reader get a stock one from createspace. You want them to own your ISBN get it for free. You don't want your book to be listed inside the catalogs for distribution then don't pay the fee. And obviously you haven't done all your homework because you don't even know about lightning source and how it works. You talk about so much but nothing at all. You get put in your place and you pull something else out of your ass. Yes your daughter had a contract and as a mother you want to protect her but unfortunately she did not respond accordingly she did not work with my artists and could not provide the rewritten material on the deadline provided. Lightning source does not give refunds. Cover artists don't give refunds and the editors I paid out of my. Own pocket do not provide refunds. She was in breach and was cut simple as that. If she would have taken the advice and allowed me and my lead beta to work with her instead of someone not company approved I am sure we could have built a strong story from what she had. But she never responded to emails or messages or facebook and refused to take phone calls. As her publish when I say I need a response in 24 he's and that person is serious about publishing there book they get back with you. I talk to each one of NY authors at least 2 to 4 times a day. When I tell them I need something within a specific time frame it gets done. Thea could not provide the same respect as the authors that is breach of contract and as the owner I can drop her at any time at my own discretion. But again you believe you know it all and I can't what until you are proven wrong. Again its all over Mystic is dead and gone. Financial status of either company is not your concern or business and I suggest you quit talking about it cause it won't get.you anywhere. You were NOT part of Mystic and you are NOT part if Phoenix therefore please don't take offense when I tell u to back the hell off. Thank you and have a great day

Lepplady said...

Honestly, you're an author, publisher and editor? I can understand making a few mistakes in the heat of the moment, and I'm very familiar with autocorrect. But still. Dayum. Are those the same grammar and spelling skills you use on your clients's projects?

With a FREE isbn from createspace, you can sell your book through Amazon.com, Amazon's European websites, a CreateSpace eStore, and all Expanded Distribution channels.

With a $10 dollar custom ISBN, You can sell your book through Amazon.com, Amazon's European websites, a CreateSpace eStore, and SOME† Expanded Distribution channels.

And BOTH can only be used with the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.


All extended distribution channels for free or SOME extended distribution channels for ten bucks?

I'd also like to point out where it says that A new edition of a book requires a new ISBN.

What's your next excuse?

At first when you refused to publish Thea, either you or your boyfriend, or both, tried telling Thea that she should never have been signed in the first place, that some submissions editor (who has since been fired) signed her without ever reading her book. Then, when Thea looked back and found the email from YOU offering Thea the contract saying "I love your book!" you backpedaled and started blaming it on Thea not responding in a timely manner. As her "publish" maybe you should familiarize yourself with the part of YOUR contract that says an author has 30 days to reply. Just saying.

And now you're blaming it on some beta? That's a new one. If YOUR people are doing their jobs and editing the book, then you can use whatever betas you want. But if you demand that the author do rewrites, is it any of your business how she does it? Show me where it says that in the contract you signed with her. I'll wait.

You're a fine one to talk about respect. Seriously.

No, I'm not pulling anything new out of thin air. First, you haven't put my "in my place" as you seem to think, so I don't need to. Secondly, I don't need any new material. The truth is working just fine.

Tabetha Simpson said...

Obviously you don't understamd how createspace works. You can do everything for free but Sorbonne 1 channel for sales. You can set up an account with Bowker and my identifiers and purchase the 10 ISBN and be put on 3 channels to sale. Or you can purchase the expanded distribution which puts you on 6 channels that includes the Ingram catalog and baker and Taylor catalog. That is how it works.I don't understand why that is so hard to get. As for the emails my submission manager had access to my emails. The very first time I told her no. I had some health issues and my submission manager obviously thought to say I love your book. That person was fired once I resumed my role and my health got better.

Lepplady said...

I understand perfectly how you operate, hon. And I think other people are seeing it too.

Now your phantom submissions editor sent my daughter an email using your account? Seriously? That's almost as good as all those identities posting on the Seuss blog from your IP because they happened to stop by to offer you support and hopped online to rage on your behalf. Even the one that reportedly lives in NY, if I'm not mistaken. I guess if you can't explain your own actions when you're called on them, you pull out the old "It wasn't me! Somebody else was using my computer!" excuse.
How stupid do you think people are? Eager to publish and trusting enough to get scammed by a fraud, maybe, but not stupid enough to fall for a line like that. Not once, and certainly not twice.

Tabetha Simpson said...

Why wouldn't a submission manager have access to my email account? If she works for me that's the logical thing to do. And Slylynn is from new York nut currently lives in Dallas boy for someone who is supposed to have all the facts you miss alot. I do have people that care and that do happen to come visit but guess that's not allowed either. The only other name I go by is Zoey Sweete and that is my pen name and everyone knows that. This fight is old and boring. I have better things to do with my life then waste it on sad excuses like this. When I'm well off living well in the future you will still be stuck here in the past. Have a wonderful Christmas and maybe remember what this time of year is all about.

Lepplady said...

Why WOULD a submissions editor have access to your personal account? No, hon. It was you, and like every other time you're caught in a lie, you either lash out or blame somebody else - real or imagined. Anything but accept responsibility.

You can't write your way out of a wet paper bag, you suck at running a company, and you have no idea how to speak to people with even the slightest hint of professionalism. Your one and only talent, it seems, is screwing people out of money. There's a word for that, and it isn't business.

Tabetha Simpson said...

It was not my personal account it was mysticpresspublications@gmail.com no one has access to my personal account or my Zoey Sweete account. People who work for me or did do have that access. Again you just look for something. Your daughter never contacted me on my personal account as I don't make that available

Lepplady said...

Oh, really?
From the Seuss blog: