Thursday, January 31, 2013

Angone House of Publishing

Pretty much everything on this romance e-publisher's website screams 'run for the nearest exit'.

  • The website seems to be one huge picture with no browser accessible text.
  •  Their tag line is: "The catwalk of romance novel vanity publishing!" (Which kinda speaks for itself).
  • The website text is poorly written and borderline egotistical.
  • The owner openly states that she started this outfit to self-publish because she could not get any publisher to take her book. Based on this experience (alone?) she is immediately qualified to publisher the work of other writers including "ebook format conversion, cover design and all the promotional marketing campaigns".
  • As a test of how her skills match her hype, check out her book cover and the covers advertising the six imprints of her publisher.
  • The debut release is... well... see for yourself.
  • She charges a fee upwards of 165 British pounds per title and also take 25% of royalties. If you want your book edited and/or copy-edited there seems to be an extra charge for this.
  • She requires that you get written permission to link to her website (oops).

Monday, January 28, 2013

B and N Closings

HuffPo is reporting that Barnes and Noble will be closing "hundreds" of stores.

While technically correct the amount is about 20 stores a year out of a current total of over 600 outlets (1300 if you count university branches).

So there is no need to panic just yet.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Market: Chasing Roses

Chasing Roses is a romance publisher that will open in spring of 2014.

Friday, January 25, 2013


So here is a new low for unprofessional publishing: a publisher whose only online presence is a Facebook page and a deviantart account

And on the Facebook page their about text is "with friends wishing to publish their books, i decided to help them out. thus Steph Cowe Inc was born to tailor for their needs and requirements including artwork and illustrations. i have recently published Marie M Gale and Kathy Patton McLemore whos work you can find on to buy or just to see the quality of work i can produce."

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Naughty Nights Press Behaving Badly

Charlie Kenmore reports that "Naughty Nights Press (NNP) failed to appear at this morning's hearing. The Court entered a default judgment awarding all rights to The Mercies of Cinderella and The Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen to the Author on the basis of fraud in inducement in procuring the Author Agreements for those works. Additionally, the Court found that NNP tortiously interfered with Author's attempts to publish the works on Amazon. The Court also awarded Author $24,996.00 in damages plus expenses."


This is someone's idea of what Anne of Green Gables looks like.

source: Jezebel

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That has such people in it....

The New York Observer gushes: "The New York Post and corporate book publishing sibling HarperCollins have teamed up for a foray into the brave new world of e-publishing."

New, huh? I guess for some people three decades just ain't all that.

"The Post’s press release describes Ms. Dupré as ”America’s most famous former escort,” which, while a dubious distinction, we suppose isn’t inaccurate."


"...for the low price of $5.99.The publication of the book is timed for Valentine’s Day. Get it for that special gal pal!"

Is $6 low for a repackaged newspaper column? And if I was you I'd go for flowers and chocolates.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Beware of the Yellow Stream

There are many things that a publisher seriously in arrears might want to do.  Get a bank loan for example, and pay their authors.  Or close down and return their rights.

Or you could take a leaf from Silver Publishing's playbook and open a new imprint that demands new branding and promotion, and sign on a bunch of new authors.  Lovely yellow website, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

RDD Books, an adventure in reviewing

Just for laughs I decided to look up some of RDD Books editorial (not customer) reviews as posted on AllRomanceEbooks.

Cat Devoured: George Ellis Winsome - Colman Book Blog Meeting, Jim Henson Shapeshifters Book Club Rosemont, Kathy Holder, Historical and Shifters Lit Blog. 

I can understand a secret book club full of people who don't use the internet (although it does stretch belief), but not a secret blog.  None of these people or entities show any evidence of existing online.

Crushed Desire in Big Bear Creek: Benson and Rawles - Cowboy Stores for Adult Camp, Jim Henson - Gay Erotica for Winter Reads Blog Jan, Cowboy Gay Literature - Winter 2012-13 Blog 

More people and groups with zero online footprint and it becomes more noticeable that all the reviews are written in the same voice.  e.g. writing numbers as numerals, fond of exclamation points. The name 'Jim Henson' (a good name to puppet with?) pops up again for another site. 

Wolf Pirate:C. J. Cavanah - Gay Wolfen Blog 
Ambush in the Wolf's Den: Joel Craine - Cowboy SH Magazine, Kevin Rutner - Shapeshifting Blog Reads

The socks are starting to run out of ways to put 'hot' and 'sex' in a three sentence review with any pretense of originality.

Reading on I find that books in a series have identical reviews. I guess it got dull inventing new ones when you could just copy and paste. All of the review are short, badly written, and glowing with praise of a similar type.

My conclusion is that these reviews were written by the publisher and distributors including ARE and Amazon are perpetuating the lie.

As for the books themselves they are continuing with the strategies of attributing lazily 'updated' classic to modern authors whose names are a lot like other authors (Michelle Willow, Stephen A Heche etc). You can spot the bits that have been added by the number of typos in them:
 I notice they are putting only foreign language versions on Amazon, perhaps to delay the inevitable detection of their plagiarism? I also recall that the art on the covers was lifted, and by the look of them that has not changed--but I can't recognize specific sources.

Spam watch

You may have received the following email:

"Visit at your leisure: Authors get listed by contacting:" 
Visiting this ugly display site is probably enough to put anyone off. But I would further flag these clauses in their Terms and Conditions:

" waive any moral rights you may have in having the material altered or changed in a manner not agreeable to you." 

" hereby grant to Transcontinental Publications International Media its affiliates and related entities the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, modify, display, distribute and reproduce all such materials in any form, media, software or technology of any kind now existing or developed in the future."

"You agree any member registration data you provide may be shared with select third party firms...such disclosures may include your name, mailing address, email address, telephone or facsimile number, or account number"

Kindle and Porn

The kindle direct publishing site states: "Pornography : We don't accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts" 

But who exactly do they think they are kidding? Either they have a very strange defintion of porn, or this vague statement exists just to give them wiggle room.  That is they could reject a sexually explicit work at whim and based on no specific criteria. Which opens the door to arbitrary and prejudiced criteria being employed behind the curtain of absolute discretion.

And don't even get me started on: "What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect."

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Macmillan and Entangled, up a tree....

It seems a bit of an odd deal, but it is reported that "Macmillan will distribute English language e-books of Entangled’s new publications in all domestic and international markets and for all platforms where Macmillan currently does business."

Dearauthor wonders, will it affect their low prices?

Entangled is an odd duck with high powered staff and backers. They seem to do very well, but with occasional detours into WTFery.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

PD Publishing closing

From their website:
"31 December 2012: With heavy hearts we regretfully announce that PD Publishing, Inc will be officially closing at the end of the year 2013."