Thursday, January 31, 2013

Angone House of Publishing

Pretty much everything on this romance e-publisher's website screams 'run for the nearest exit'.

  • The website seems to be one huge picture with no browser accessible text.
  •  Their tag line is: "The catwalk of romance novel vanity publishing!" (Which kinda speaks for itself).
  • The website text is poorly written and borderline egotistical.
  • The owner openly states that she started this outfit to self-publish because she could not get any publisher to take her book. Based on this experience (alone?) she is immediately qualified to publisher the work of other writers including "ebook format conversion, cover design and all the promotional marketing campaigns".
  • As a test of how her skills match her hype, check out her book cover and the covers advertising the six imprints of her publisher.
  • The debut release is... well... see for yourself.
  • She charges a fee upwards of 165 British pounds per title and also take 25% of royalties. If you want your book edited and/or copy-edited there seems to be an extra charge for this.
  • She requires that you get written permission to link to her website (oops).


M Barnette said...

Reading the opening paragraph--which I didn't get all the way through--I can see why no publisher took the book.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the releases promised for Valentine's Day? It's my guess that we'll hear no more of Angone...