Wednesday, January 09, 2013

RDD Books, an adventure in reviewing

Just for laughs I decided to look up some of RDD Books editorial (not customer) reviews as posted on AllRomanceEbooks.

Cat Devoured: George Ellis Winsome - Colman Book Blog Meeting, Jim Henson Shapeshifters Book Club Rosemont, Kathy Holder, Historical and Shifters Lit Blog. 

I can understand a secret book club full of people who don't use the internet (although it does stretch belief), but not a secret blog.  None of these people or entities show any evidence of existing online.

Crushed Desire in Big Bear Creek: Benson and Rawles - Cowboy Stores for Adult Camp, Jim Henson - Gay Erotica for Winter Reads Blog Jan, Cowboy Gay Literature - Winter 2012-13 Blog 

More people and groups with zero online footprint and it becomes more noticeable that all the reviews are written in the same voice.  e.g. writing numbers as numerals, fond of exclamation points. The name 'Jim Henson' (a good name to puppet with?) pops up again for another site. 

Wolf Pirate:C. J. Cavanah - Gay Wolfen Blog 
Ambush in the Wolf's Den: Joel Craine - Cowboy SH Magazine, Kevin Rutner - Shapeshifting Blog Reads

The socks are starting to run out of ways to put 'hot' and 'sex' in a three sentence review with any pretense of originality.

Reading on I find that books in a series have identical reviews. I guess it got dull inventing new ones when you could just copy and paste. All of the review are short, badly written, and glowing with praise of a similar type.

My conclusion is that these reviews were written by the publisher and distributors including ARE and Amazon are perpetuating the lie.

As for the books themselves they are continuing with the strategies of attributing lazily 'updated' classic to modern authors whose names are a lot like other authors (Michelle Willow, Stephen A Heche etc). You can spot the bits that have been added by the number of typos in them:
 I notice they are putting only foreign language versions on Amazon, perhaps to delay the inevitable detection of their plagiarism? I also recall that the art on the covers was lifted, and by the look of them that has not changed--but I can't recognize specific sources.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you from all of us at RDD Books. Go to our site to read reviewsnotice.htm. Please continue to write about us! Through you, we have a wonderful group of loyal readers who have said it was because of your posting that they found us!
We thank you again and again and again and keep up the misinformation!!! It works for us!
With Love, RDD Books

(Yes, our lawyer would like to send you a cease and desist letter, something about defamation and this being a published incident but we are just enjoying the show for now!)