Friday, January 25, 2013


So here is a new low for unprofessional publishing: a publisher whose only online presence is a Facebook page and a deviantart account

And on the Facebook page their about text is "with friends wishing to publish their books, i decided to help them out. thus Steph Cowe Inc was born to tailor for their needs and requirements including artwork and illustrations. i have recently published Marie M Gale and Kathy Patton McLemore whos work you can find on to buy or just to see the quality of work i can produce."


Mireya said...

I went to take a look... all I can say is O-M-G.

Mireya said...

P.S. The deviantart account shows as inactive to me.

Angel Payne said...

Holy...WOW. Man, shaking my head. That makes me a bit sad, since so many of us work SO blinkin' hard to make sure that what we're doing is absolutely the utmost quality, and the best fiction that we can possibly produce. Well, as they say in any creative art, you really just need to focus on staying true to yourself and to the honesty of your own work.

I WAS pretty happy to find your blog, however! THAT is a SCORE for Angel! Looking forward to following!