Friday, February 22, 2013

GayRomLit: some more equal than others?

There has been some mutterings about how the GRL retreat is being ticketed.  Essentially there are dedicated blocks of tickets. First the invited authors, then whichever authors get the rest of the author tickets on a first come basis, and also then the readers.

I am not sure how this lines up with the author tickets for author being divided thusly: "70 Featured Authors with established careers and 30 Supporting Authors who are building their fanbase." Because, like a good many authors, I wouldn't see myself as being in either category.

The "fan-designated bestsellers in the genre" were chosen by a poll, because that always works out so well and never leads to hard feeling (cough). Also many of last years attendee report not being aware of the poll.

If you don't get an author spot and attend as a reader, promotion is banned. Official authors will be paying a fair bit for that opportunity after all.

Plenty of non-superstar m/m authors and some other previous and potential attendees are feeling a bit miffed, or at least concerned, at being implicitly shoveled into what reads like the "disposable" category.

Cat Grant - AJ Rose - Less Than Three Press - Kate Aaron - Lisa (reader/reviewer) - Erin St Clair -

I recognize that running a convention is a difficult and thankless task.  But the way this policy was phrased and released was pretty much guaranteed to ruffle feathers. I mean I know authors can be sensitive, but if you piss off this many with one press release... well, something went wrong.

Perhaps the issue is that GRL needs to stop being called an author retreat, given that the main motivation now seems to be the promotion to readers?

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Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the issue is that GRL needs to stop being called an author retreat"

There you go ruining all the yelling and drama with common sense and logic.

veinglory said...

I think they have sequed to calling it a reader retreat. But there seems to have been a disorienting change in focus.