Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kearby, ABB

Mike Kearby seems to be the most recent author to join the Hall of Shame for throwing a shit fit over a bad review.

I get approaches from blog tour companies from time to time.  This sort of scenario is one reason I have never jumped on board.


Angie said...

I'm always startled when this happens. Each time, I think, "Okay, that's it, now all the writers out there know what a horrible idea this is, and no one will be stupid enough to do it again." [eyeroll] I should know better by now. If Jacqueline Howett wasn't enough to educate everyone, then nothing was, and we'll be hearing about this crap forever.


Mireya said...

I have reached the conclusion that authors that do that exploit the situation, smearing shit as far and wide as possible. Why? The sales go up every time an asshole author goes batshit crazy on a reviewer and thre reviewer publicly (sp?) replies. It's not worth a single second of extra time from the reviewer. Reviewer doesn't like book? Reviewer writes review. Reviewer closes comments and DOES NOT REACT. That way batshit crazy author will have no chance to exploit the situation to up sales. If the reviewer starts posting in their blog/page/forum/FB page/tweeter, etc. the reviewer is actually FEEDING the author and prolonging a situation that will only benefit one person: the batshit crazy author that started it all. Reviewers should realize this once and for all. It's not a matter of "being bullied" "being a doormat" "being unfair", etc. It's a matter of FEEDING TROLLS that will actually benefit from that. If the reviewer wants to hurt the batshit crazy author, the only thing they need to do is NOT FEED IT. The lack of attention hurts them A LOT more than if the reviewer reacts. It also affects their sales, because less people will be exposed to the circus.

Take it as you may.


M Barnette said...

The reason some reviewers reply to these shit fits by authors is it increases THEIR blog traffic as much as it increases sales of the offending author's book.

Mireya said...

Oh, you are definitely correct... both are pretty much the reason why I find myself pretty much caring less and less every time a new "incident" is reported. I don't even know why am I commenting on this one :P


Lizzy said...
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