Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More On Crossroads

There seems to be some genuine confusion as to whether the author or the tour organizer cancelled the tour in question (for more context, see the post below this one).  However there is no obvious evidence that any substantial work had been carried out to organize the tour. I do notice one thing that seems very clear.

This the the form the author filled out (click to enlarge).

This is the form the organizer says they filled out.

Notice the difference?

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to make a post here as I have toured with Jessica. She is a wonderful person and will help you out with anything you need. When I toured with her she has three forms going. One of which is above. Yet when I toured with her this time she only had one form to fill out and it was this one. and I booked my tour back in January of this year. But the two forms you have aren't even the right ones. Also to your other post. If you go to the WitchyContessa site you will see the link to her Facebook page. And her google+ is not gone. She just changed the name to include Brooke to it. Since you can only have one on each site. The tour info that was on her site before blogger deleted it my mistake did say that there were no refunds. Just as the form does.

Ok so this is all I am going to say. As you can see I am posting this as anonymous as I don't want to cause any issues with anyone. But I did need to defend Jessica. She has been nothing but helpful to me. And I will be happy to work with Frishawn when she takes over the tours. I hope this clears the air for you to hopefully fix these two posts.