Monday, April 29, 2013

About Setting Goals

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A lot of people set word count goals to get themselves to write more and to finish manuscripts.  I do not for a second question doing this.  It is one good way to get your lifestyle to match what you want to achieve. But I would raise one possibility to consider.  Sometimes we should observe our lifestyle to really consider what is import to us rather than assume we just know these things.

Some of you will enjoy writing like a machine and juggle it with work, family, me-time and everything else whilst not getting stressed out, and more power to you (seriously!).  But I recently thought this over and gave myself permission to write less.  I like my job, I like relaxing, I like reading, I like walking the dog, I like most of the things I do.  As much as I would like to be a high output writer, making the time for it is not going to make me happy and the affect on my income will not be terribly important any more either.

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Of course everyone is different.  Heck I used to be different from how I am now.  I wrote like a beast when I worked for a passive aggressive boss-weasel and needed that money for luxuries like... well, food. Bur my point is that the communication between our ambitious mind and our pragmatic day-to-day behavior needs to go in two directions. And sometimes it's okay to choose to put time and effort into something other than writing.

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Anonymous said...

And sometimes it's necessary to recognise that your medical issues mean that you are not physically up to writing on top of holding down the day job. Which is why I stopped writing for nearly five years. I see other people failing to recognise that (or in a position where they can't drop the additional income), and doing themselves long term physical damage as a result.