Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shadowfall Publications

Normally I would say that it was time to draw a line under Shadowfall Publications (an e-publisher of various genres including paranormal romance). They opened in 2010 and went silent some time towards the end of last year. There have been no signs of life on their domain ever since and their Facebook account seems to be inactive.

However their books are still listed as for sale on Amazon. So does anyone know what is going on with these guys?


Anonymous said...

Absolute Write has been talking about them recently. Their website went defunct and every unpublished author who had submitted to them had their work "accidentally" posted online for free - AND their personal information. This publisher should be blacklisted, in my opinion, for messing up many authors' lives.

Anonymous said...

Yep I found my novel on .Docstoc this afternoon. Including my contact details. Someone else found theirs on a Russian porn site. Shadowfall has a lot to answer for.