Monday, May 06, 2013

3D Piracy

3D printer: Creative Tools / / CC BY
I desperately want a 3D printer, but they are too expensive and most of them are still pretty difficult to set up and use. Basically it is a little box that you feed plastic string into and it can print three-dimensional objects in layers.

Eventually this will means that places online will be able to sell you digital "real" objects.  That is, you by the file that tells the printer how to make a particular toy or sculpture, or even a small appliance with basic moving parts.

As the tech develops the items you can make will be bigger and more hard wearing. There will be different materials that you can put together in modules and perhaps add electronic parts. I, personally, think that it will be very cool. People may actually get involved in making and repairing things again, and really knowing how they work.

3D printed frogs: Creative Tools / / CC BY
Oh, and as a side effect a few people who didn't know why some digital artists are so upset about piracy will discover that it pisses them off too, when pirate files of their artworks and widgets start to spread around.  When other people use them and even take credit for inventing them....

Maybe then we will finally have sensible, pragmatic and properly enforced copyright laws and regulations? Well, I can dream anyway.

Next step: the Replicator becomes real!


M Barnette said...

I know some people who have had 3D images of their own 2D artwork made. The 3D work that is created is pretty impressive and detailed.

Seeley deBorn said...

I got to use one of those at school. Pretty fun.

veinglory said...

And of course the first 3D printed gun was demonstrated today....