Monday, May 13, 2013


Yes, I know a lot of erotic romance is fairly thinly disguised fan-fiction., But there is a difference between a thin disguise and the emperor's new clothes.

I mean what would you think of a hero who:
  1. Is a time traveler
  2. Is an alien
  3. Is described as having a "Tom Baker-like pout"
  4. Wears a bow tie 
  5. Wears odd hats including a red fez
  6. Bears a "passing resemblance to the tenth Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant"
  7. Is prone to "wildly gesturing his hands and arms in his over-the-top manner"
And that is just from the blurb and first page, before you look at the author's blog with the TARDIS wallpaper and the first book where the heroine and hero meet at a Dr Who convention, and so forth.

Seriously? Can you really escape the trademark problem by using every single distinguishing feature of a character other than his "name"?


willaful said...

She does use his name! "John Smith." ;-)

Seeley deBorn said...

I've wondered the same thing about this one

Tali Spencer said...

The line between fan fiction and original fiction is becoming increasingly blurred, I think. In the future fiction may consist of giant participatory universes in which anyone can write and read via subscription. :( It could be very...creative. Not sure how writers will make money, though.

M Barnette said...

Bear in mind that 50 Shades of Gray is Twilight fanfiction with the serial numbers filed off.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

@ Seeley - Well, Will Smith et. al. did not invent the Men In Black. They've been a cultural presence since Roswell. Unless the author is using things from the movies like the Neuralizer or whatnot, I don't think it's fanfic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this (Mojocastle) the same publisher that had a picture of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers taken by a famous photographer on one of their book covers recently, until it was pointed out to them? Seems like these folks are just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

M Barnette said...

Ms. Kelsey wasn't aware that the cover artist she hired used a photo that wasn't legally available. As soon as she was notified of the situation she rectified the issue.

And no, I don't have books with Mojocastle Press. I do like to give a publisher the benefit of the doubt in issues like this since I've had artists try and do the same type of thing on covers for my publishing house. Fortunately I caught the image because I knew the rather popular TV show on which the actor was a major player.