Thursday, May 09, 2013

Gold Orchid Publishing

Gold Orchid want to publish various genres but they list romance and erotica forst, which might mean something.

I am wondering why the orchid on their logo is pink-->

Their guidelines are... well, extensive. And their web content includes a lot of massively run on sentences:

"We offer corrections of grammar and language, and while we would prefer the story to be spellchecked and generally finished, we are going to contact you about possible inconsistencies where we feel it's necessary and have no problem with advising on/fixing any language difficulties if you feel that you require some help, or if we feel that the language is not at an appropriate level and have reached an agreement with you about fixing it."

The cover artist gets 10% of net sales.  I don't know if this is reasonable or not.  A flat fee would seem to be more sensible?

When I checked their website the store area was down so I don't know what their books are like. The owner and/or editor-in-chief are not named.

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