Friday, May 31, 2013

Washing Powder, for men

Congratulations to Distinctive Wash, a company has actually come up with a gendered product even more ridiculous than pens for womenDistinctive laundry powder for men.

 My best guess would have been that it included a lot of lubricant and an anti-biotic, because the only gendered way to wash you clothes would be to agitate the wash with your dick.

But apparently the difference is that it smells manly (a.k.a. like trees who are all famously macho and stuff), protects your manly designer clothes for men, and is advertised with super creepy video that involves spying on your female "house-sitter" via CCTV.

And all this extra manliness only costs six times more than a mid-priced large-brand unscented washing powder.  I guess this is a product for guys who don't realize that they can apply manly scents directly to their body and just use plain old ordinary soap powder to make their clothes clean.

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veinglory said...

As per a tweet received today I am being offered a super-manly sample of distinctivewash. Look forward to receiving it.