Sunday, June 02, 2013

Another "great" interview

I am a little surprised that Coffee Time Romance is giving Noble Romance's Gombart a soap box to stand on and characterized the "interview" as "great". His claim that the only trouble between the publisher and the authors is "sporadic communications miscues" is ridiculous.

Even based purely on what is available publicly online there are clearly issues including but not limited to producing a terrible product, and not paying authors promptly and in full. And if it is the case that "80% of our current authors are new" I suspect they are going to learn, pretty soon, that leopards don't tend to change their spots.

When Coffee Time accepted Gombart's answers without any editorial comment and closed by thanking him for his "insight", they lost me as reader. Because that is where they crossed from just providing a point of view to endorsing it.

Edited to Add: Coffee Time has withdrawn the interview.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as I didn't get any royalty payment at all for May nor any communication as to why, lack of communication is the least of their problems. Emails I send to them get ignored. And the last royalty statement I did get from them carried a virus requiring me to completely tear down and rebuild my computer.

Noble Romance has to be the worst publisher out there at the moment. Or at least the worst one I know of.

Anonymous said...

I did not get my royalty "statement" for May. Then again, my book hasn't been available for months, yet I am still on the author's loop. Though their "promotions manager" didn't respond to my email about the promotions opportunity they offered for Noble authors. I get statements. Am I still not an author?

I am disgusted with Coffeetime and hope that authors and professionals alike make their own similar views known.

Anonymous said...

I also have not received a royalty statement or payment for May 2013. Not that you can open the excel statements they send anyway!

I contacted Coffee Time Romance to let them know how disappointed I was with their allowing this "interview" on their site. How many naive new authors will see this "interview" as an endorsement of Noble Romance? Makes me sick to think of the new writers who will get pulled into this crapstorm. :(

Unknown said...

I'm sorry that Coffeetime saw fit to publish this rubbish. 80% of their authors are new? What does that tell you?

I have not received a statement for May either, despite repeated emails to Gombart, answered with his standard reply, "I'll have it to you quickly." He loves the word quickly, but operates at a dead slug's pace.

I have a new post about the two uncontracted books that Noble has published. Scroll down my Avoid Noble Romance page and the info is there, including a snap of the contract he says is valid and binding. You take the name of one book on a contract that I signed, then scribble in the name of another book and send it as the valid contract for the second book. Did I miss something by not going to the Sorbonne?

Noble Romance is a joke and so is the way its run.

Brita Addams

Gianna Simone said...

I never received a statement for May but did get a check. Not that I have any idea what it's for. And it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

Every communication I have ever sent to Noble has been ignored - they have blatantly and willfully breached my contracts on multiple issues, and continue to pretend I don't exist. The unethical and borderline illegal behavior of Noble and Gombart continues with total disregard for anything but himself.

I'm disgusted that Coffeetime gave them the time of day, let alone this one-sided and totally lie-filled interview. Gombart's attempts at damage control are not working. He's deluding himself and those poor new authors they managed to sucker into signing a contract.

Gianna Simone

H.C. Brown said...

Apart from the material contract breaches that he refuses to acknowledge, he publicly states he breaches contracts by not setting a publication date.
Nice one Gombart.

Seeley deBorn said...

Either they thought better of it, or the link is broken. I've poked around the site a bit and can't find the interview...

Cherie De Sues said...

Mr. Gombart is not a publisher. He is a poor businessman with illusions of literary grandeur. All his pompous promises were merely odoriferous gas. Untrustworthy, a cheat and clearly has breached every contract of numerous authors he inherited from the original "Noble Romance Publishing" when he took over the reins. Continue to educate new authors, publishers and sites that cater to authors/publishers/readers. He must be stopped.

Kari Gregg said...

Coffee Time took the interview down.

I received my royalty statements for last month, but only after promising to roll the failure into my lawsuit should I fail to receive them.

Frankly, I'm convinced authors get nowhere with Noble until/unless Mr. Gombart is convinced that he'll have to explain/justify the bad faith contract breaches to a magistrate. And even then, you'd best expect to fight tooth and nail every inch of the way. God help any author the man's decided he will never be held accountable for mistreating -- abusing -- and is free to act with impunity. GOD HELP YOU.