Monday, July 15, 2013


One Michael J Wagner wrote an abuse survival book called Shane (June 24, 2013). As the many reviews suggest, this book is a complete rip of JP Barnaby's book called Aaron (October 8, 2012).

But wait, there is a whole new level of scumminess at work here.  The plagiarizing "author" also started a crowd souring plea for $15,000 to go to trade shows and book fairs.


Update #1:

I ran a check on Wagners other book "Jilted" and it matches Dream of Me by Fern Michaels.

Others have already identified the "The Telling" as a book by the very same title by Eden Winters.

I found a match between "Steel Oil" and  "The Texas! Trilogy" by Sandra Brown.

I wonder why plagiarists activate the Amazon "Look Inside" feature.  It makes this very easy to unravel.

Please note there is a different Michael J Wagner who writes non-fiction.  He is not involved in this.

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ShellBell said...

It's a shame that the plagiarist is/was using the same name as the non-fiction author. I see on Goodreads that a user has shelved the non-fiction books as 'when hell freezes over'. Looking at the date of the shelving (Jul 15, 2013) I can only guess that this is in response to there being a plagiarist with the same name.