Saturday, September 07, 2013

Liquid Silver... Something

So, a recent press release said: "Liquid Silver Books owner, Linda Eberharter, announced today that she will take a more active role in management of the publishing company."  Which is a tad confusing as Mike Feury has been referring to himself as the owner for some time.

The PR release feels like some kind of internal power politics issue that I don't really understand and probably don't need to know about.


Anonymous said...

Linda and Mike are married, or were last I knew, and co-own LSB. No idea what's happening behind the scenes, but a lot of key people jumped ship in the last couple of years. Nice to see Terri back.

Mike Feury said...

Emily, at the time, I posted a clarification of Linda's press release in the Absolute Write LSB thread, link:

In short, Linda and I have been co-founders and co-owners of Atlantic Bridge company and its DBAs incl Liquid Silver Books from 1999 to the present day.