Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A quick way to see if Amazon has ADULT tagged your book

ADULT tagged books do not appear in search.  They are in danger of being de-listed in the latest purge.To see if your books have been tagged go to

Tagged books have a red ADULT after their title. If you search for titles including words like "sexy" you will see a mix of tagged and untagged books.  This is also a practical way to see what kinds of book they are tagging and what ones they aren't.  (e.g. self-publishers are being hit pretty hard).

Fenanov / Foter / CC BY

 Of course consistency is hard to find when a vanilla M/F set on a ranch is tagged and a collection of stories about having sex with horses is not.

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Barbara Sheridan said...

How's this for inconsistency? Three book series --the third book is tagged the first two aren't.