Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Erotic Copy Editing

I have never seen copy editing as being something genre-specific. But at least one copy editor is advertising their services as an erotica and romance specialist.  I wonder what that would involve.  Knowing how to spell obscure fetishes? Expertise in clarifying who is doing what during an orgy? Or just a guarantee that your editor won't get squicked and quit?


Angie said...

From what I've heard about some editors who definitely get squicked or offended, or try to talk the writer into eliminating sex scenes just because eww, sex! I'd say that latter possibility could be pretty useful. :P


Julia said...

Hi, Emily. Just saw this - and yes, I do market myself as a copy editor specializing in romance, erotica and new adult fiction. Angie's pretty much correct about the reason why - my authors know that when I edit their stuff I'm not going to get in a snit about the amount of sex in their book, the types of sex depicted, the shapeshifting species involved, etc. I'm going to email you now - maybe we can do a back & forth convo for your blog to expand on this topic?