Monday, October 14, 2013

Total-E-Bound Rebranding, and a question

Total-E-Bound seems to have decided to ditch the ambiguous name and go with the more direct Totally Bound.  It is more clear what this means but it does make me think of a BDSM niche publisher. Whereas the look is more generic skinny-white-girls-grinning-like-idiots (romance?) with a dominant gold color.

I got distracted by whether this cover gal was wearing a flesh-toned bra or had just lost her nipple in an unfortunate accident.

Then I scrolled up and down to try and find a description of just what Totally Bound does publish, to see if it had changed.  But I couldn't find anything.
I tried "authors", "aspiring authors" and got a page-coming-soon notice.  Help was all about technical problems.  "Browse" looks like all sub-genres of romance, but could also be sub-genres of other genres.

So, can someone remind me.  Are they romance only?

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Anonymous said...

Last I knew, they billed themselves as a publisher of erotic romance. Not sure if the name change and new site reflects an expanded focus.

Re: Miss Nippleless. I've seen that particular model and pose on a number of covers. It would appear she's fashioned her bra from the flesh of her former boyfriend's arm. Poor fellow. Really surprised no one caught that when they shopped a new guy in behind her.

Sorry for the anonymous comment. Had trouble posting with Google and other options. I see this warning, which may or may not be related: "We're having issues locating the IntenseDebate account for this blog. Please email our support team for assistance."