Thursday, October 10, 2013

Women are succeeding, so something must be wrong

I found this Forbes article about what is going on with publishing rather amusing.  Especially the section about publishers acquiring previously self-published authors. What is wrong when you look at the list of those authors...?

"First, it’s all women and secondly it’s largely confined to the romance and YA paranormal genres."

Oh, the horror.  Well actually: Oh, the romance, paranormal and YA!  And the author interprets this as: publishers are being faddish and looking for the next 50 Shades.

I would offer another alternative.  These are the areas where self-publishers have raked it in because there is a gap in the market.  Because large publishers have been asleep at the switch and should have been acquiring more women writers and more in these genres, starting almost 20 years ago.  But they never even noticed until the self-publishing technology supplied private entrepreneurs with a real, practical way to fill that need without them.

So the fad they are finally following is a shocking one: give readers (even the wimminfolk) what they actually want. 

 When the lists of authors picked up by publishers were dominated by men (as, outside this route, they still often are) this do not look weird to people.  But suddenly now a gender bias is a problem?

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roslynholcomb said...

That makes far too much sense.