Friday, November 22, 2013

Market: Love, Sex and Merlot

Before seriously considering "Love, Sex and Merlot" I would suggest that authors look into the parent company The Zharmae Publishing Press (website, cooler thread).

My person feeling is that their website and blog are written from the point of view of a person who is not quite as au fait with the world of romance and erotica publishing as they seem to think they are.

This is perhaps unsurprising as they are a small press, with limited expertise, that recently opened three different imprints for spec fic and literary as well as erotic/romance.  Which is biting off... well, quite a lot.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Market: Forbidden Lust

I investigate any new market with an open mind but my suspicions began to form when I saw all the cheesy photography on the front page, my interest waned when I saw they take pretty mauch all romance and erotica genres and was extinguished when I saw that the pay a flat rat that amounts to $50 per 10,000 words.

But that's just me.

Website here. Owner Kayci Morgan.

p.s. If "Forbidden Lust was founded on the ideals that love and sex are a beautiful and wonderful part of the human experience and should celebrated, not censored" why the name?  Shouldn't it be "Celebrated Lust"?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gay Romance Press closed

Gay Romance Press has been dissolved and their books now sold via Eye Scry Publications.  This seems to be a parent company also owned by Della Van Hise.

I note that she also offers editorial services where "...after your work has been edited, if your manuscript fits the guidelines for our publishing endeavors, you may be offered a contract for Gay Romance Press or Eye Scry Publications to publish your work as an e-book."

Non-Peer Authors and Publisher-Related Advice

I have always been aware that asking for peer-advice from an author can be a minefield, especially in the small and digital press.  There is always a chance that the author you approach is actually an insider to the company--an owner, editor, artist, or friend of the above. But this forum post is the first time I have read someone who claims that an author approached for peer-advice about a publisher praised the publisher and did not disclose their interest as an owner of the press.*

So here is my 2c.  When giving peer advice to authors considering a press please disclose anything that even looks like a conflict of interest, in the service of transparency and fairness.  This means not only the obvious (being an owner or salaried staff member) but also being a commission-based staff member, friend of the owner, or even an author who has worked with the press long enough to develop friendships and emotional affinity to the company.  Or if you feel you cannot provide objective feedback perhaps referred them to another author or just do not reply.

In the long run fostering unrealistic expectations is going to cause a press more trouble than letting the chips fall where they may.

*Edited to note the person in question categorically denies that they did this.

Monday, November 11, 2013

On the virtues of giving up

There are a lot of inspiring true stories out there about authors who persisted for many years against great odds to break through and become successful.  But sometimes I think we forget that giving up can also be a virtue. For example, if I had never given up (for the most part) being an illustrator I would never have discovered my abilities as a fiction writer.

If I had stuck with my career goals from high school I am quite sure I would now be in a job that made me miserable, not the rather weird but extremely satisfying career I wandered into five-career-aspiration-changes later.  Because, unlike what many a gold medal winner or NFL player might tell you, not everyone can be where they are if they just train hard enough and believe in themselves. You have to have the right goal for you, for any amount of effort to pay off.

Selective giving up is a crucial part of finding your path to success.  And persistence on the wrong path is an obstacle, not a virtue.  Sure, you need some irrational persistence in the beginning when where your are and where you want to be is so far apart you have no way to even guess how long the journey will be, how steep the climb and how arduous the obstacles.  Or, indeed, whether the place you are trying to end up is even where you really want to be.

At several points in my life I have closed in on a long cherished goal only to discover it was not what I wanted after all.  But I had got far enough up the mountain to see a destination I had previously not even known to exist.  That is why I am not a journalist, an architect, a psychologist, a university professor or a full time writer--because those where not the areas in which I found (respectively) my interest, my talent, my patience, my fulfillment, or my lifestyle.

So sometimes I wish people added a little subtlety to their aspirational advice.  Yes, you should dream, strive, persist and not be discouraged.  But also analyze, strategize, adapt, and evolve.  The dreams you have as a child might be your fated mission in life, or they might not.  So if something stops looking like the prize you really want, take your eyes off the damn thing and have a good look around.  You never know what you might find.

Market: Dragonfairy Press

Dragonfairy is a spec fic publisher including paranormal romance.  It seems like they would also consider other kinds of fantasy or sci fi romance.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Everything you need to know about Bar Publishing... right in their introduction.

"We are a full service e-book publishing company. We are tired of the Indie Authors being over looked. 

We offer services from getting your copywrite, full editing, formatting for all outlets and submitting to them. We can arrange book covers if you do not have someone that you use already use. 

Our main goal is to stop Authors from getting ripped off by so called "self publishing" companies. We offer our services for a flat fee, no hidden cost. You keep 100% of royalties. No hidden fees everything is up front. This also includes the UK Authors. 

We also want to publish the UK Authors that are shunned buy certain sites. As of this morning on October 24th, 2013 we have a new & talented author F.L Hope. We are so excited to have her on board!."

Saturday, November 02, 2013