Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About Libboo

Libboo is a website that allows users to trade posted about books on their social networks for rewards.  The basic idea is pretty sound, but the site does not seem to be taking off with users.  The number of publishers or authors posting tangible rewards like gift certificates has dropped to about nil.  The number offering essentially nothing (called "recognition") is growing. This trend is matched by a continuing decline in participating users.

This means that the most common reward now offered is a free digital copy of the book.  And there is something a bit upside down about having to praise a book, in order to actually be able to read it.  It starts to feel a tad dishonest.

Also, we are in an environment now where getting free copies of pretty good books is not very difficult.  In fact if you are a reviewer you get offered them on an almost daily basis. So I suppose that this embarrassment of free reading opportunities may have reduced the value to me of the reading copy, unless it is on a topic that I am super enthusiastic about--and so far Libboo seems to have a pretty predictable range of genres, self-help and poetry.

Are any of you trying Libboo as either promoter or promotee? 

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