Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Erotic Romance: On the Shoulders of Giants

Flame and the Flower
Claire Siemaszkiewicz says Totally Bound is "here to pioneer erotic romance as a credible literary genre." And I am all for that, but I think newer publisher should show just a tiny bit of respect for the earlier pioneers of this genre.

For example, Tina Engler is due some credit for proving the viability of the erotic romance e/POD model back in 1997 when very few people thought it could work.

And of we are talking specifically about the UK, Black Lace put well-written erotica aimed at women (often romantic in theme) on the shelf for all to see starting in 1993.

But wait a minute, she is not specifying e-books, or in the UK. So actually what about Kathleen Woodiwiss whose 1972 novel The Flame and the Flower broke free of the category romance tradition of the times and was arguably the first modern erotic romance novel?

Totally Bound is doing some interesting things, but by saying you are (apparently single-handedly) pioneering erotic romance--you are suggesting that the efforts of those who began that journey decades ago are somehow too insignificant to even acknowledge or palpably lacked that much-vaunted literary credibility we are all supposed to strive for.

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