Friday, December 06, 2013

File Under...

Agree (I do)
"[Man of Steel's] Zack Snyder getting to be the one to introduce Wonder Woman on the big screen is a terrible idea" [io9]

Magnus [see: Rivendale books (imprint)]:
"I joined forces with her last fall as an imprint of Riverdale Avenue Books"--Don Weise [Huffington Post]

No Shit, Sherlock:
Navy Pier decides a 50Shades tree is not a good fit for their "Winter Wonderland" [Chicago-ist]

Point, the (the missing thereof):
"No great novelist should have to resort to explicit sex scenes" [Catholic Herald]
Stupid, the (it burns):
"That awkward moment when your author photo is exposed as stolen from a Revlon hair extensions ad"--EvilWylie [Business Insider]

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