Saturday, December 14, 2013


There is a little confusion about Shadowfire Press.  They are closed to submissions and have clearly they have said farewell to some authors such as Gwen Campbell.  On the other hand the owner says they are just on hiatus while the correct a shopping cart issue, but still selling only via All Romance Ebooks.  But at what point does a "hiatus" (with authors being dropped) become a (temporary?) closure.


Miriam said...

That is a good question about a hiatus becoming a temporary closure under these circumstances.

M Barnette said...

The authors were not 'dropped' they were released at the end of their contracts. The cart suffered a catastrophic failure when our provider upgraded their servers. Since I'm far from being a professional programmer sorting out the coding on the cart was taking me a considerable amount of time. Now that I'm also working full-time in order to help support my mother I don't have a lot of time left to devote to working on the cart.

As mentioned elsewhere--a post Ms. Veinglory neglected to link to--when the company does reopen it will be primarily as a venue for the books written by myself and my writing partner Auburnimp. Any additional authors will be invited to submit so submissions will never be 'open' again.

veinglory said...

If this was clarified in another post it was either posted after I blogged or I didn't find it when I was making the post. So Shadowfire will no longer be a market accepting submissions. That is good to know.