Monday, December 09, 2013


There seems to have been an upswing of tentacle erotica recently. Not just the old style rapey kind but various kid of consensual and even romantic fantasy (both M and F). It seems like tentacles are the new zombies. And honestly, zombies was already beginning to push it for me.

Can some one help my understand the appeal?

Is it about the novelty of the physical sensation?  Is it the transgressive nature of a radically non-human lover? It is the queerness of getting away from sex being all about genitals and who has what?

For those of you who have already ventured into the world of cephalopod erotic romance, what book would you suggest to a tentacle virgin?


Anonymous said...

When we first put out "All Wrapped Up", the anthology that had "Situation Normal" in it, the editor did a few posts on exactly what you're asking. Back then, it was still a really new part of the genre, but you're right. It has certainly gained popularity the last few years. :) Here are the posts Elizabeth Hyder put together back when the anthology first came out:

Tentacles & Consent:

Tentacles & Sensuality:

Tentacles & Xenophilia:

Other than the "All Wrapped Up" anthology (and its sequel, "Tall, Dark, & Wriggly", which is due out next April), I know Peter Hansen has done "First Watch"... and that's all the tentacle fiction I've seen... though I haven't really been actively looking.

Anyone else have suggestions? I'm very curious what others would suggest in the genre as well. :)


Anonymous said...

I think there can be a very submissive quality to tentacles, depending on how they are written. You have this alien entity with more limbs than you have, and you can give yourself over completely to a mind that is impossible to know. (Again, depending on how it's written.)

Heather Massey said...

I wrote a post on tentacle romance at Heroes & Hearbreakers and included as many tentacle romances of the consensual/romantic fantasy kind as I could find:

There's also some titles mentioned in the comment section.

As for the appeal, well, for me it's all of the above and more. It's hard to narrow down.

I'm a horror and SF fan, so I've read and watched tentacle action from those angles. Hentai and anime, too. But I love romance as well, so it comes down to just wanting a combination of SF, romance, and sometimes horror involving tentacles. But I'd love to see tentacled characters as heroes and heroines and not just the villains/monsters. I'm craving that transformation.

SFR is my No.1 priority currently, so I really want to read tentacle romances in futuristic/tech-based settings. There are many possibilities out there and what's available (in terms of romance genre conventions) has barely scratched the surface.

I just find the idea as very exciting and am keen to see what authors can do with it!