Friday, January 10, 2014

Dear Telegraph Headline Writer

Sharks really just want to hug you, with their teeth  Mila Zinkova /
Re: "Writing about sex: The last thing you'd expect from this mother of five who knits"

One thing you can assume about most mothers is that they know the basics of coitus, and are thus equipped to write about it.  Nor, in my experience, is knitting highly correlated with celebacy or illiteracy.

So can we please retire some of these tired stereotypes and write a headline that does not imply that people who write about sex are weirdos who should not be allowed within 100 meters of infants, or that everyone who takes part in handcrafts is a frigid and unimaginative spinster?

Nor is the writer Geraldine O’Hara really doing very much to undermine these stereotypes by harping on about them.  It is a bit like opening a documentary saying sharks are the misunderstood poets of the sea and then spending the next 90 minutes loving depicting thrashing limbs, snapping teeth and ketchup in the water.

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