Thursday, January 02, 2014

Kensington Acquires Lyrical

CD Brennan has posted a press release reporting that Lyrical Press is now an imprint of Kensington.

"Kensington Publishing Corp., one of the foremost commercial independent publishing houses in the United States, announced today that it has acquired the eBook publishing company Lyrical Press. Beginning in January 2014, Lyrical Press will operate under its current name as a digital-first imprint at Kensington Publishing."

It sounds to me like Renee Rocco of Lyrical Press has made a clever strategic choice here and it is a ringing endorsement of the quality of Lyrical's releases.

Edited to add: Official Kensington announcement.


Renee Rocco said...

Thank you for the praise, Emily. As a dedicated follower of your blog it means a lot to me that you feel this is a favorable merger.

Barbara Sheridan said...

*Agrees with Emily*

Congratulations, Renee & team.

Renee Rocco said...

Hi Barbara! Wow. I am floored. I admire you on so many levels. Thank you for the well wishes.