Sunday, February 16, 2014

Contemplating the best publishers as per the 2013 P&E Readers Poll.

Angelo González / Foter / CC BY
1. Wild Rose
2. Solstice Publishing
 3. MuseItUp Publishing
 4. Astraea Press
 5. Pen-L Publishing
 6. Naughty Nights Press
 7. Books We Love
8. Central Avenue Publishing
8. Prism Book Group
9. Horny Devil Publishing
9. 4RV Publishing
9. Boroughs Publishing Group
10. Etopia Press

 One is closed, one is in trouble, two have a very troubled history, one has a silly name, five I have never heard of, one is a very small press of indifferent reputation.

Honestly, is it time to stop pretending this is in any way a poll of the general community of readers? Or have I been living under a rock and these, of all the publishers in the world in digital and print format, are the ones readers were all totally excited about last year?

Or should winning this honor be considered faintly embarrassing?


Seeley deBorn said...

The more of an author mill full of "we're-all-a-happy-family-of-authors-who-drank-the-koolade" you are, the more votes you can get in polls like this.

author nikki noffsinger said...

Horny Devil Publishing is not comprised of anyone who has any experience in publishing but rather folks who met on Facebook and said, "Let's be a publishing company!" When I first got the courage in 2009 to submit my novel, I was green and got swindled by Publish Scam America. It was next to impossible to get my rights back and it demoralized and humiliated me as a person and an author. I wouldn't want any one to go through that-ever. People research your publisher.

Emily said...

I do think it has reached the point were the 'winners' list is more of a warning list.

Unknown said...

I have been blogging for about 6 years and I have only head of a few other pubs on that list. It has to be a do not read list. I have yet to read anything good from the few I do know.