Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Anti-Anti-Bully Pro-Pen Name Petition

Todd Barselow (whoever that is) seems to have started a petition to stop people from being mean to authors.

It has been given the thoroughly revealing title of: "Protect Amazon.com Users and Indie Publishing Authors from Bullying and Harassment by Removing Anonymity and Requiring Identity Verification for Reviewing and Forum Participation." 

Excerpts from this 650 word sob story give the gist of the request:

  • "...there is an incredible amount of bullying and harassment of some of these self publishing authors taking place on the Amazon platform/system...
  • ...the reason this bullying and harassment is able to take place is because of the allowance of anonymity on Amazon...
  • ...By removing their anonymity and forcing them to display their real, verified identities, I believe that much of the harassment and bullying will cease...
  • ... transition to implement a policy whereby reviewers and forum participants must also have their identities verified
  • ...Author Anne Rice has recently taken up this cause, as well, after experiencing the vitriol and hatred spewed by sock puppet account holders in the Amazon forum"

Anne Rice (yes, that Anne Rice) signs and comments: "My experience with the gangster bullies in the Forum has been very bleak and ugly. I post there under my own name.":

My reply: sure, the should do that immediately after they outlaw the use of pen names by all authors and other content providers and require their real name to be confirmed via a credit card account and home address.

1) Report abusive reviews and live with how Amazon chooses to respond on what is, after all, their website.
2) If you take part in the forums, understand that they are subject to light and sporadic moderation and are basically... forums... with people on them...and um, I don't know how best to explain this, but some people are jerks. Some people are even trolls.  It's called the Inter-fucking-net and that's how it works.
3) Get the hell on with your lives.


Sign the anti-petition by comment below should you feel moved to.

I the undersigned think allowing screen names on Amazon reviews and the Amazon forums is acceptable and should continue:
Emily Veinglory

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I hereby sign the anti-petition.

Todd your a fucking idiot. Not everything should be as transparent as you are.

The use of real names on a forum about the very people the forum trolls are shitting on would make you, Todd liable for any criminal acts they act upon if they use the knowledge they received from the forum to hurt or kill these "anonymous" authors.

So if you want to get stalked, possibly lose a loved one or your job, sign his petition. Because transparency works well with a eccentric of people who don't quite know what they want. Just ask our Govt.

BTW This is my Real name. You can also find me if you google "kiss my ass Moron" and "I'm a Bitch dot Com".