Sunday, February 02, 2014

Don't Add Me to Your Newsletter, Really

Little things can be really annoying.  I think some authors overlook this.  From their end, a person has shown an interest in their books.  Therefore it is natural to assume they will want to here more about said book, and be subscribed to the author's newsletter.

From my end: #%@!*$

I am currently getting added to an author newsletter most days of the week.  I used to reply asking why I was added to he newsletter.  And I would get an apologetic reply saying they assumed I wouldn't mind and they would unsubscribe me.

I no longer have the time and energy to do this.  I am on the receiving end of too many honest mistakes based on over enthusiasm to let every single one turn into a conversation.  It makes me feel like just a little bit of a bitch but now you just get unsubscribed and spam blocked, and if Mail Chimp or whoever asks why, I click the button saying "I never subscribed to this" because--sorry--but that is the truth.


Unknown said...

I feel your pain on this!

There are some bloggers I want to follow and add to my newsfeed so I know when they post, but I don't want emails so I don't sign up using the "email" subscription option, EVER. I only sign up to follow via the "Friend Connect". I don't know how else to put things on my newsfeed and I think the connect that I use is going away, at least that's what I've read.

Andrew Riggio said...

Wow, seriously? Why would anyone think it is OK to just add random people to e-mail lists? Isn't that illegal under the CAN-SPAM act?

Fiona Glass said...

I'm getting a similar rash of spurious auto-subscribes from authors and resource sites I've never even heard of, let alone contacted to say anything about their books or services. I'm starting to wonder whether some unscrupulous marketing company is to blame and said authors don't actually know what's being done on their behalf...?

veinglory said...

There has been an upswing recently, but I suspect it is just new year enthusiasm as they come from different mail services,