Monday, March 03, 2014

Big Bang Press

Big Bang Press is a UK press formed to publish the original novels of fanfiction writers.  Other than that is it a typical case of inexperience, rhetoric and crowd-sourcing.  They already have their own fandom wank post which made a mention by Wired seem almost inevitable.

Those who understand the tolerated-rather-than-legal status of a lot of fan-fic are worried about their use of fan-fic as Kickstarter rewards. Other than that the usual new press nonsense is in play including the delusion that what they are doing is new and radically different, the mission to give writers a "chance", and choosing a name some other press is already using.

Much ado, I think, about a doomed enterprise.  But I suppose they might surprise me. In my experience the direct crossover of readership from free fan-fic to professional non-fan novels is surprisingly small. That is why most former fan-fic writers just get on with submitting to whatever publisher is most appropriate for their original manuscripts.

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