Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Okay, so, about Ellora's Cave....

From where I sit, Ellora's Cave seems to be having the longest, slowest meltdown in the history of e-publishing.  Quite a few people have turned up to bury Caesar over the last few years, but Caesar refuses to lie down.

That said, over the last few months things do seem to reached a new low with staff cuts and turnover, and problems with timely royalty payments. In terms of the blogosphere things remain rather quiet, perhaps because this is "second verse same as the first"?

If you have any information or insight on just what the hell is going on with Ellora's Cave, please do share.


Angelia Sparrow said...

I severed with EC last summer, after they killed my book with an inaccurate and unnecessary warning. My royalties are a tenth of what they were when I started with them. And when I asked for my rights back, citing the clauses in my contracts, they took six months, gave me 2 short stories and said "the novels are still in the queue."

Mary Winter said...

I finally made the decision to request the rights back to all the books I could (the others are anthology projects with "life of copyright" clauses). I have one novella that I will be keeping with them for a bit because they did give me a new and gorgeous cover for it several months ago.

Like Angelia said above, my royalty checks are a fraction of what they once were for mostly older, backlist titles. As much as a year ago I was making a good $80-$100 a month. Now I'm lucky if I clear $20, and the pay rates on their statements are hard as hell to read. (They say they sold the book for 59cents, but I'm getting royalties on $1.25).

New book prices are mondo too high and they slashed all the backlist to a buck or less hurting their older authors.

I guardedly tell authors my experience and always add YMMV at the end. I know happy authors, but more and more I'm hearing from authors with Angelia's and my experiences. :(

I'm thinking their issues come from the top.

Unknown said...

I was told don't pitch with them by one of their own authors at the last conference. Now I know why.

Anonymous said...

Some people were replaced, not cut, from what I've heard. Things have been unsettled there since Kelli stepped down as editor in chief. At least one editor quit for health reasons but someone on a different writers group said the editors aren't being paid on time. I owe them one more book but if things don't smooth out soon, I'm not publishing anything else with them.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on them years ago, although my old titles are still selling. BUT, most of them are going for 99 cents or less, which nets me mere pennies on each sale. The percentage I get from my one print edition is even more obscene. Sorry as my situation is, though, it's EC's active authors who have the most to lose.

Late royalty payments are becoming routine. At first management made excuses. Now, it appears, they steadfastly refuse to address the issue at all. One author has complained of questionable bookkeeping (in other words, she knows she's getting screwed), and an EC veteran of many years has reported record-low sales.

The whole situation smacks more and more of the Silver Publishing fiasco, in which a kind of pyramid scheme was adopted to keep the company afloat. Aspiring authors need to stay away from this outfit. IMO, it's been shady, secretive, and excessively greedy from the get-go. I agree the problems are, and likely always have been, flowing from the top.