Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Roman Payne: much ado about "erotica"

On one hand we have Amazon insisting on categorizing a book as erotica based purely on the presence of a nude on the cover. 

On the other we have the authors not just protesting that this would be ab inaccurate genre label that might lead to reader confusion and dissatisfaction.  Which would be an entirely reasonable point to make. No.  He had to rant that being called erotica as an "accusation"--going on to say used loaded words like "convicted" and "condemned"as if simply being identified in the wrong genre category was like being charged with a felony. 

None of which is consistent in any way with the author's statement "I have absolutely nothing against Erotica".  If that were true he would be talking about Amazon's ineptitude or incompetence, not their "accusation".

That aside. (Sigh).  If Amazon wants to block covers from search it needs to have a way of doing this other than calling the books erotica when they are not any such thing. But is that what is happening here at all? 

I mean is seems plausible as even very blurry buttcrack is deemed "non permitted". But when I looked up the bookSales Rank Express show no adult tag on the listing. I see no genre mention at all on the Amazon listing itself although it is technically within the romance/erotica category.  So I guess either they sorted it out or the whole thing is a publicity beat up?



Miriam said...

They should have had the adult tag on there so I don't blame them

Susannah said...

Based on the size of Amazon it's hardly surprising they stuff up sometimes. Not much different than Google Adsense. All about the money and bad moderation.