Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Changeling continues to surprise me
E-first publishers thrive on Joan Hessayon shortlist
"Seven of the 17 titles shortlisted [see below] for the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) Joan Hessayon Award for new writers are from e-only or e-first imprints or publishers."

Lambda Literary Foundation announces 2014 award winners
"Commenting on Radclyffe, Freeman stated, “Prolific and multi-faceted, Radclyffe has published more than forty novels" (And should have won a lot more awards by now)

Romance Is a Feminist Genre 
"...Charlotte Bronte, for example, wrote RPF (real person fanfic) about the Duke of Wellington" 

Diesel China Disguises Fashion Campaign As Italian Pornography
"In China, fashion brand Diesel found a way to get customers downloading its latest campaign with great excitement -- by diguising it as pornography" 

The politics of science fiction 
"...the average science fiction or fantasy reader is far more likely to have strong political views and be interested in ideology than the average reader of, say, romance or detective novels" (because... INSERT SELF-AGGRANDIZING ASSUMPTION HERE)

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Adam said...

I knew that Burke began her career with a "what if this could happen" style. How Not To Date A Centaur takes that up a few notches. From the bad guy (what a putz) to the parachuting introduction I was hooked. The characters are interesting and while I loathe the villain is not so over the top I could not see his rationale. The sex in her stories is always a cool drink inducing time, and if you wondered how centaurs did it, now you know. Readers can't go wrong with this book