Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seeking sales data on Musa Publishing

Mykl Roventine / photo on flickr
The sales data records are getting a bit stale, so I will be asking you all to please consider sending sales data so I can post some updates.

Right now I am especially interested in sales data relating to Musa Publishing, not limited to erotic romance.  This is some discussion as to whether the complaints some authors have about low sales are representative of what the average author is seeing.

All sales data is only reported as an average for all authors, for data sets of at least five books (usually more).  All data is stored under a codename rather than an author name.

So, if you can please send your info to veinglory at Data relating to any digital or digital first publisher accepted.

1) Name of publisher: _____________
2) Is the book erotic romance?: Y/N
3) How many copies sold in the first month?: __
4) How many copies sold in total to date?: __
5) Has your book been on sale for one year or longer?: Y/N
6) How many copies sold in the first year?: __

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