Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lost in the Amazon

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Amazon's model is based heavily on automation and distributors providing their own listing information.  Their ability to offer such a wide selection or products at very little mark up rests heavily on having a proportionately very small salaried workforce. A fact often lost of reporters covering whatever salacious thing they have found listed there.

However it is becoming increasingly apparent that what Amazon doesn't know might still be able to hurt it.  Such as the widespread listing of drugs that cannot be legally imported into the US without a prescription, and that if improperly used could injured or kill the unfortunate customer.  A customer who may not even know that the product they purchased is prescription strength.

Anyone who makes a purchase from Amazon needs to be aware, this is not a platform that is proactively managed to ensure all of the products available are safe, non-fraudulent, and legal. Of course the specific items mentioned in the stories have now been taken down.  But equivalent products have already been re-listed and are available for purchase.

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