Friday, May 16, 2014

Angela Gabriel / Prateik Gupta

This literotica story Forever Ink is being is being sold by "Angela Gabriel" on Amazon.  A person who is not the author.  (And apparently against their policy about implied underage as the heroine is described as no more than nineteen)

But it gets better. Or should I say worse.

On the Amazon forums the author posts as Prateik Gupta.  And this same person offering to republish kindle authors with the benefit of some dubious new editing and cover art for a mere 30% of royalties.

These outfits just keep getting more blatant. I wonder how many other authors are in the "club" without ever having been asked? I would predict that many more of these stories are plagiarized. A quick Google shows they appear at Literotica as the work of many different authors.

And that is before I even get to calling your publisher a "teenage club" and using it primarily to release sex writing.

Oh and this book of "N***** jokes".

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