Sunday, May 25, 2014

The dark underbelly of the alpha male myth

Amidst the coverage of a tragic shooting in Santa Barbara, I see how the apparent/alleged shooter was striving to be a "true alpha male".

From the study of animal behavior, heck even from the reading of romance fiction, this statement should make no sense whatsoever.  The alpha male protects the vulnerable. The alpha male acts in the interests of the community.  The alpha male will lay down his life to protect the citizens of his community.  The alpha males asks for no reward, he does this because it is the right thing to do. Communities with mature alpha males have less violence, are more respectful, and create a safe place for mutually respectful courtship and the raising of children.

I, personally, think the entire alpha male myth is anti-diversity and often catoonishly over-blown.  But those who choose to follow it should realize it is a model of masculine selflessness, basically a macho version of sainthood.

It is not killing women because they rejected your sexual advances.


Unknown said...

THANK YOU!! Alpha males are confident in their roles as men and providers of safety and security, not caught up in vengeful plots because their panties got wadded up over rejection.

Barbara Sheridan said...

*Applauds* Yes! .