Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr Everywhere

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interview with Scarlet Day

The following post is part of the AbsoluteWrite Erotic Writers Blog Hop.  If you have not checked out the AW forums feel free to drop by. I lurk there as a moderator of the erotica sub-forum.

Can you tell us a little about your latest release? 
Leashed comes out tomorrow and is my first foray into the world of BDSM. It’s the first book of a new series, Shifter Sanctuary, combining shifters, ménage and BDSM. I’m comfortable writing in the shifter and ménage universe, but BDSM really scared the heck out of me. I did tons of research, from reading real-life accounts of people in the lifestyle to learning about different types of floggers and various equipment. I’ve been so worried about screwing up the BDSM aspects that I’m now alternating between doing my typical release-day happy dance and hiding under my bed while I bite my fingernails to bloody stumps.

 What is the most interesting thing you learned from your research? 
The Dominant/submissive dynamics initially piqued my curiosity. I’m a very independent woman and I went into this with a complete lack of understanding as to how an independent person could surrender their will to someone else. What I learned surprised me and compelled me to learn more. I’m even more excited now about writing stories incorporating BDSM than I was when I started my research.

Would you prefer to be the Dominant, the submissive or both? 
 That’s a tough one. As I said, I’m pretty independent, not to mention stubborn. But I also lead a very hectic professional life with a mountain of stress and responsibility. After learning more about the lifestyle, I can understand the appeal of taking the submissive role, at least temporarily. I’m certain I could never manage it full-time, but I could probably get used to a few hours of blissed out submission every now and then.

 Can readers expect to see more BDSM elements in your future books? 
 Oh, absolutely. The Shifter Sanctuary series will have at least four books, and I’m also contemplating a contemporary series. Now that I’ve had my first taste of writing about the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, I’m hooked.

Where can readers find out more about Leashed and your other books?
 All of my books are available at and the major online retailers. I also have a blog at

About Scarlet 
When she’s not writing or at her day-job, Scarlet can usually be found on one of Southwest Florida’s beaches or hanging out at the pool, waiting for the cabana boy to bring her another daiquiri.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dear Taylen Lane Publishing

Make space for a short rant.

Putting aside all of the other things I could say about this publisher, let me say this: saying all genre romance is banal is in itself a banal statement.

By which I mean crap like: "Though we understand the popularity of the Romance genre, [our imprint] Procyon Press seeks smelling salts as opposed to opiates and lotus leaves."

This is a bullshit. If you think every story that is about love and ends happily is boring, this is a failure of your imagination not the scope of the genre.

If you don't want to publish romance, that's fine.  But it is not because romance is all by definition boring.  And it surely is not because you "understand" anything about it and why poor schlubs like me are involved in these efforts you deem so soporific.  It is because doing something interesting within this genre is outside your skill set or just not something that you wish to do. And that is all there is to it.

Grow up and show some respect to your fellow publishing professionals if you aspire to becoming one yourself.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Start Media Buys Whiskey Creek Press

Start Media had previously acquired Night Shade Books and have now added Whiskey Creek Press to their stable.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jack Trammell, "Romance Novelist"

Jack Trammell, the Democratic candidate will run against the man who knocked Eric Cantor off his perch, is described by the New York Times as a "romance novelist". This turns out to be "Sarah's Last Secret" (Amazon), a 2001 release from e-publishing pioneer Hard Shell Word Factory.

He has also written non-fiction,  thrillers, YA and a children's adventure story but that--presumably--doesn't make as good of a sound bite.  His other publisher choices include Whiskey creek press, Muindania... and Xlibris.

So... I guess at least he would be representative who was unusually au fait with the world of digital publishing?

Friday, June 06, 2014

50 Shades of Acrimony

The Writers Coffee Shop publishing house has descended into acrimony over how the payment Random House made to acquire Fifty Shades of Grey should have been distributed. Were two other people partners in the business at the time? Did Hayward have authority to sign for the publisher?  Were promised about guaranteed employment broken? ...Or are these the the type questions that only come up when millions of dollars up for grabs?

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Apparently I can still be naive: House of Erotica

I don't think of myself is being naive, but when it was suggested that editing was not a free service for authors at House of Erotica I was pretty sure that was not true.  I even said so on this thread.

Well, it looks like I was 100% wrong.

"Editing is not a service we really provide due to the costs involved to authors. We can offer proof reading but this is a separate paid for service (I believe the price is £10 per 1000 words) as it just would not work under our normal 50/50 royalty split. In order to create the books at a high standard and split the royalties equally we need the authors to have the books completely finished."

 This makes them, by the most commonly used definition*, a vanity publisher and not eligible for listing on this site.  (Not that I had got around to listing them, actually.  But now I will not have to bother.)

* Vanity = charging any up front fee for publishing or for any service integral to the publishing process (e.g. cover art, release as POD, editing).