Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Apparently I can still be naive: House of Erotica

I don't think of myself is being naive, but when it was suggested that editing was not a free service for authors at House of Erotica I was pretty sure that was not true.  I even said so on this thread.

Well, it looks like I was 100% wrong.

"Editing is not a service we really provide due to the costs involved to authors. We can offer proof reading but this is a separate paid for service (I believe the price is £10 per 1000 words) as it just would not work under our normal 50/50 royalty split. In order to create the books at a high standard and split the royalties equally we need the authors to have the books completely finished."

 This makes them, by the most commonly used definition*, a vanity publisher and not eligible for listing on this site.  (Not that I had got around to listing them, actually.  But now I will not have to bother.)

* Vanity = charging any up front fee for publishing or for any service integral to the publishing process (e.g. cover art, release as POD, editing).

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Angelia Sparrow said...

One of the things I tell new authors, over and over and over is Yog's Law: MONEY FLOWS TO THE CREATOR!

You should pay for nothing with a publisher. Okay, paperbacks above and beyond your contracted number of contributor copies, but those come at a discount!
And yet...