Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dear Taylen Lane Publishing

Make space for a short rant.

Putting aside all of the other things I could say about this publisher, let me say this: saying all genre romance is banal is in itself a banal statement.

By which I mean crap like: "Though we understand the popularity of the Romance genre, [our imprint] Procyon Press seeks smelling salts as opposed to opiates and lotus leaves."

This is a bullshit. If you think every story that is about love and ends happily is boring, this is a failure of your imagination not the scope of the genre.

If you don't want to publish romance, that's fine.  But it is not because romance is all by definition boring.  And it surely is not because you "understand" anything about it and why poor schlubs like me are involved in these efforts you deem so soporific.  It is because doing something interesting within this genre is outside your skill set or just not something that you wish to do. And that is all there is to it.

Grow up and show some respect to your fellow publishing professionals if you aspire to becoming one yourself.

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