Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interview with Scarlet Day

The following post is part of the AbsoluteWrite Erotic Writers Blog Hop.  If you have not checked out the AW forums feel free to drop by. I lurk there as a moderator of the erotica sub-forum.

Can you tell us a little about your latest release? 
Leashed comes out tomorrow and is my first foray into the world of BDSM. It’s the first book of a new series, Shifter Sanctuary, combining shifters, ménage and BDSM. I’m comfortable writing in the shifter and ménage universe, but BDSM really scared the heck out of me. I did tons of research, from reading real-life accounts of people in the lifestyle to learning about different types of floggers and various equipment. I’ve been so worried about screwing up the BDSM aspects that I’m now alternating between doing my typical release-day happy dance and hiding under my bed while I bite my fingernails to bloody stumps.

 What is the most interesting thing you learned from your research? 
The Dominant/submissive dynamics initially piqued my curiosity. I’m a very independent woman and I went into this with a complete lack of understanding as to how an independent person could surrender their will to someone else. What I learned surprised me and compelled me to learn more. I’m even more excited now about writing stories incorporating BDSM than I was when I started my research.

Would you prefer to be the Dominant, the submissive or both? 
 That’s a tough one. As I said, I’m pretty independent, not to mention stubborn. But I also lead a very hectic professional life with a mountain of stress and responsibility. After learning more about the lifestyle, I can understand the appeal of taking the submissive role, at least temporarily. I’m certain I could never manage it full-time, but I could probably get used to a few hours of blissed out submission every now and then.

 Can readers expect to see more BDSM elements in your future books? 
 Oh, absolutely. The Shifter Sanctuary series will have at least four books, and I’m also contemplating a contemporary series. Now that I’ve had my first taste of writing about the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, I’m hooked.

Where can readers find out more about Leashed and your other books?
 All of my books are available at and the major online retailers. I also have a blog at

About Scarlet 
When she’s not writing or at her day-job, Scarlet can usually be found on one of Southwest Florida’s beaches or hanging out at the pool, waiting for the cabana boy to bring her another daiquiri.


Unknown said...

I finally found this! Great interview and the book sounds fun (BDSM, shifters and menage how could it be bad?) Looking forward to checking it out!

Dee Tass said...

I'm definitely dominant, but I can read both viewpoints and this sounds like fun. :)