Monday, August 18, 2014

The Rise and Fall of Ellora's Cave

Ellora's Cave has been on with a long and wandering journey.  From illustrious trail blazer, to eccentric player, to what looks like a dramatic but surprisingly slow decline.  They have remained an important part of the erotic romance publishing community for fourteen years and rumors of their impending doom have proved incorrect for at least half of that time-span.

Jaid Black -- grooverotica / Foter
So, is it possible that it is finally time to prepare to bury Caesar?  Rumors have started to swirl that Ellora's Cave have fired essentially all of their offsite editors.  Meanwhile Jaid Black (a.k.a. EC founder Tina Engler) reports having lost interest in writing erotica and is planning to open a second publisher for other genres.

While there remains very little that can be verified or found online, this currently flurry of speculation does suggest a new low in the slow decline of the once-proud flagship of erotic romance e-publishing.

Edited to add: see the official Ellora's Cave communique here. Now available here.

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