Monday, August 18, 2014

When educational articles... aren't

Some highlights from an Examiner article entitled: "From eHarlequin to Ellora’s Cave: Where to find the best romance e-books" (Beware, multiple popup and popover ads on that site).

"No longer would a soccer mom have to scuttle shamefaced up to the counter at Barnes & Noble, eyes averted, as she handed the cashier a book with a cover featuring inflamed buttocks and a title like Spanking Sarah."
How many cliches and stereotypes can you get in one sentence? I count three. Other groups mentioned in a patronizing way include mom's, Christians, Christian moms, and denizens of the Midwest. I am none off these things but still found it cloying to equate them with prudery. Also not neglected: the usual mention of Fabio and "bodice rippers".

 " a plethora of specialty romance e-book sites have cropped up"
If by "popped up" you mean: for people who look at the internet once every decade or so, sure.  (The three examples given being: AllRomanceEbooks founded 2006, Ellora's Cave founded 2002, Harlequin-E was admitted later at around 2012--still, and average age of 6 years at the time this article was published).

"All Romance E-books carries an impressive selection of lesbian and gay e-books, so if you’re a straight gal, don’t just assume that the rippling six pack on a book cover means it’s for you."
Because no straight gal would want to read about teh gay, obviously. Sigh.


Unknown said...

I just finished a really great book which was a m/m romance, pretty dark, but it was recommended by a friend who I went to school with many years ago. I had no idea of the content before I decided to read it. She informed me of the relationship, but I was more in search of a great read rather than the sexual nature of the main characters.

Amazing stories come in all genres, just have to find the gems in each and pass along the recommendations. :)

Unknown said...

The book was titled "Violence Begets"