Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cleis enters the erotic romance fray

Venerable GLBT/sexuality press Cleis launched an erotic romance imprint Tempted Romance earlier this year.  Normally seeing another press jump on the band wagon makes me roll my eyes a bit, but Cleis has always struck me as a quality press with a clear scope and a lot of integrity.  Yes I do have one short story in a Cleis anthology but that is more a side effect of being impressed by their output than a biasing factor.

When I go to their Tempted site I see a refreshing lack of red, pink, and tacky symbolism (hearts, lips, heaving bosoms in corsets etc). In fact the simple branding fits easily into the greater Cleis website. And their opening line up includes familiar names such as Delilah Devlin and  Mitzi Szereto. They started off a line up of five professionally edited anthologies.

What I like about this erotic romance imprint that sets is apart is that erotic romance is a logical area for them to expand into, the branding is clean and professional, the books are a type they have a proven record with, and their editors are top professionals.  I feel this is a great cook trying a new recipe, not th3 more common scenatio a greedy amateur offering me mystery meat.

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