Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Forever Romance Publishing Group

Forever Romance continues to be a bit of and odd duck.  
  • Either they did not know about the much larger 'Forever' imprint of Grand Central Publishing, or they did not care about the similarity.
  • And then there is Craiglist add asking for a resume and romance fiction writing sample. Not an actual manuscript and... who out there has an author resume? I know I don't, but perhaps I missed a memo somewhere along the line. And their 'no manuscript, no problem' attitude is not just for their series but also general submissions.
  • They have yet to splash out and buy their own website domain or hosting. Or a logo. Or... anything.
  • "...we treat all our staff and writers like family"
No books yet and I am not holding my breath.  IMHO there is a different between an erotic romance publisher and a generic content producer treating 'erotic romance' like an SEO cash grab opportunity.

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