Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Okay, Inkspell

...in the guidelines for your Passion imprint, what exactly does this mean:

"Steamy sex but not erotic (ménage, m/m, etc.)"

I am not sure what is worse, saying heterosexually it not erotica, or that homosexuality is never steamy.  Like gay people don't kiss under the mistletoe and hold hands in the street--they go straight from "hi, my name is Sam", to bend over while I fist you with a cantaloupe.

Orientation and levels of graphic/explicit depiction are independent factors.  If you are not interested in same sex romance submission, just say so.  Don't imply that it is because they are too extreme.


Unknown said...

I think they are using the wrong terminology. Erotic is more explicit, regardless of orientation, sort of like 50 Shades being S&M related, it is considered deviant (deviating from traditional sexual engagement). Erotic to me is descriptive as to evoke sexual desire due to graphic nature of the choice words, i.e. using explicit language in reference to body parts and bodily functions.

I agree with you, though. If they are wanting to stay away from anything deviating from traditional male/female boring missionary style encounters, they should state that more clearly. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that erotica can be a large range of topics.. I write stories and have created a website and I also do personlized stories and everyones idea of erotic is different.. some want man to man.. women to women and I do actually have a few that just want romance and sweet and others that want incest.. that was a topic I was not to comfortable with but non the less did attempt a few stories on this and they did turn out good.. I just dont know how to steer people to my site.. is there anyone else that writes erotic here? Also I would love ANY feedback from my site if anyone cares to peek.. I just cant figure out how to do all of this yet and would love to hear your comments http://eroticestories.wix.com/eroticforyou

Angie said...

I love guidelines like this. They make it very clear who not to sub to.